What is a derived word

Derivative word. Derivat (Latin derivatum – derivative) – the main, the original concept of word formation. denoting word. formed, produced from some other word or phrase: ice → glacier. ice. icing up; to chop ice → icebreaker; naked ice → ice. ice and the like.

The most characteristic feature of derivative words (the main consequence of their derivation from other words) is their semantic motivation: the meaning of derived words is determined by the value of producing words and, as a rule, reflected in their structure. Derived words are also called words with a double reference. they relate both to the objects of the real world, and to the words that motivate them.

Derived words, as a rule, are characterized by a complicated structure: except for the root. in their structure usually includes some other word-building affix.

The derivative and the generating word form a derivational pair.

From the point of view of production all the words of the language can be divided into derivatives and non-derivatives (motivated and unmotivated).

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What is a derived word