Central Black Earth region of Russia

1. The objects being compared should have something in common. In this case, the two economic regions bordering each other are called “Central”.

The comparison must have a goal. For example, find out the cause of the differences or determine the consequences. Comparison can pursue a practical goal or a theoretical, scientific one. The purpose of your comparisons is to learn to find the features of similarity and difference in different geographical objects or phenomena, to explain the reasons for the differences, why dissimilar objects and phenomena have similarities. It is best to start comparative characteristics with the justification of the question, from why we compare these objects. And to detail, reveal the subtleties will be possible in the course of the characteristic itself.

The most common mistake when comparing is trying to first describe in detail one object, and then another. Conclusion and analysis then is unlikely to succeed. It is also wrong to follow the generally accepted plan of description: first a geographical position, then a geological structure, a relief and minerals, then a climate, inland waters, etc. It is better to determine immediately which features of a difference or similarity are characteristic of your objects, and to dwell on this the main thing.

2. Compare the features of the physical and economic-geographic position of the Central Black Earth and Central regions.

In the geographical position of the two regions there is more in common than differences – they are located side by side on the same tectonic structure, within the continent. In the west, the regions border with neighboring countries. Only the central region is located to the north, in such natural ions as taiga, mixed and deciduous forests, and Central Chernozem – in the zone of steppes and forest-steppes.

The main differences in EGP areas are due to the peculiarities of natural conditions and resources.

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Central Black Earth region of Russia