Summary “The Green Lamp” by Green

Summary “The Green Lamp” by Green

The story-parable “The Green Lamp” by A. Green talks about the amazing life story of two completely different people. First – the pauper John Eve, an Irishman who came to London in search of work and later became a wealthy man. The second is Stilton, a millionaire whose fortune totaled 20 million pounds, which went bankrupt and became a beggar. One day, Stilton and a friend came out of an expensive restaurant after dinner, stumbled upon the John Yves lying on the pavement, who was in deep fainting. Stetton had an idea to have fun.

The rich man having tried all the entertainment known to him, available to a rich bachelor, wanted to dispel boredom and make a toy out of Will. He offered to pay John every month 10 pounds, if he tomorrow withdraws the room in the central

street, always on the second floor, with windows overlooking the street. Yves every day will be required to turn on the lamp with a green lampshade from five to twelve at night, placing it on the indicated window. With all this, John must be at home at this time, not to communicate with anyone and not go anywhere. Stilton was sure that Yves would soon get drunk with boredom, or, look, go mad. After the permission, Yves Stilton periodically came with friends and boasted that his toy is now living there.

At the end of eight years, an old man with a broken leg got into the hospital, he shouted from severe pain. The doctor who leaned over him decided to immediately perform the operation because of the rapidly spreading infection. Because of the widespread infection, the leg had to be amputated. In the morning waking Styleton recognized in the doctor his forgotten toy – John Yves, and did not believe his eyes. The doctor told him that at once boredom sitting at home began to read all the books in a row and once came across anatomy.

The world of the human body attracted him so much that he studied in the library and bought a bunch of rare specialized books on Latin, anatomy, morphology, pharmacology. As it turned out, a medical student was living next to him, who helped to sort out the questions of the scientific plan

and helped him enter a medical college. Eve proved to be an apt pupil and soon became a doctor.

Before leaving, John offered Stilton to recover to the outpatient clinic of his, a ruined millionaire, to write down the names of the patients who came. And he advised, going down the stairs, to highlight at least a match.

An important thought of the parable is the unnatural striving of one person, Stetton, to amuse himself with the fate of another person, John Yves. It was for this that the rich man was punished by fate.

No less important is another thought in the parable that if a person has a goal, he will become the master of his destiny, which happened to John. The green lamp, which was supposed to symbolize the insignificance of a duped person, became the source of light that illuminated his life.

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Summary “The Green Lamp” by Green