Summary “Odessa stories”

As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, everyone began to prepare for the wedding dinner. At this time, to Bene Krik, a Moldovan raider nicknamed King, an unfamiliar young man approached and said that a new bailiff had arrived in the city and was preparing a raid on Benya. Benyu answered that they had already reported to him about the new bailiff and about tomorrow’s round-up. The young man interrupted the King and said that the round-up would take place today. The king took this news as a personal insult. He is very angry, because he has a holiday today, he marries his sister Dvoyr. He’s angry, because the spies are going to spoil the whole celebration. It was also reported that earlier the bastards were afraid to organize a round-up, but the new bailiff said that where there is an emperor – the king can not be. The man left. Also with him were three friends of the King. They returned an hour later.

The wedding was very colorful. It was a real

holiday. Long tables sag from different yummy and good wines, which they brought with contraband. The orchestra plays carcasses. Lyova Katsap broke the bottle on the head of his beloved, Monya the Gunner shoots into the air. All this was very fun and beautiful, but the most highlight of the wedding was the presentation of gifts. Negligent movements guests threw rings on silver trays, coral threads, gold coins.

Anxiety gripped the guests in the midst of the feast. They felt the smell of burning, the sky begins to turn pink, you can see how the flames shoot into the sky. Whence did not appear the same young man who informed the King of the round-up. Giggling, he said that the smell of smell from the burning police station. As soon as forty police officers came out of the station to make a round-up, the site ignited. Benya forbade guests to go to look at the fire. Calling two of his comrades, he went to see what had happened. People tried to extinguish the plot, but there was no water in the nearest tap. Under the noise of the incident, criminals began to scatter from the cells. Passing near the police officer, Benya

gave him the honor and expressed sympathy.

How it got to Odessa

In Odessa, there are many legends about Ben Creek, a famous raider. One of these stories was told by Arye-Leib, sitting on the cemetery wall, an old man. When Benchik was still starting his career as a hijacker, he turned and asked to work for the raider and the bandit man Froim Hrach. When he asked who Benya was and where he came from, Benchik asked to try it in practice. In the end, the hijackers’ council decided to try Beni’s abilities on Tartakovskiy, a very daring and rich man who has so much money and audacity, as there is not a single Jew. It was inconvenient for the Council to appoint a new target for the newcomer, since nine raids had already been committed on Tartakovsky, and he was also stolen twice for ransom. The tenth raid was a very rude act. Benya went out slamming the door.

The next day, Ben wrote a letter to Tartakovsky, in which he demanded to leave money under a barrel of rainwater. Tartakovskiy replied that he had absolutely no money, he had a heap of wheat, which does not bring profit. The next day, the raider Benya and his four comrades came to Tartakovsky’s house with revolvers and masks. While they are robbing the cashier, a drunk who is late for the case of Savka Butis rushes into the house. Waving a gun, he accidentally wounded Muginshtein. Vowing that Savka would lie next to the mortally wounded, he ordered to scatter to the rest of the raid and disappeared from the scene of the crime. Wounded Muginshtein was taken to the hospital. Benya disguised himself at the hospital, called the doctor and the nurse. Introducing himself, he wished the wounded recover. In the end, the wound was fatal and the wounded was dying. In the morning Benya drove up to Muginshtein’s house in a red car. Entering the house, he saw that on the floor all in tears Aunt Pesya lies. It requires from the sitting Tartakovsky compensation in the amount of ten thousand, as well as a lifetime pension. In the end, they agreed on five thousand in cash and fifty rubles each month.

Benny Creek arranged Muginshtein’s funeral at the highest level. Then he was not called King yet. Odessa has not seen such an expensive and magnificent funeral. On the white horses black plumes waved, sixty singers walked ahead of the funeral procession. At that time a red car drove up, from which four hijackers got out. Their head was Benya Creek. They brought to the grave a wreath of beautiful roses. Then Benya and his comrades took the coffin on their shoulders and carried them to the cemetery. The future King made a colorful speech. At the end of the speech Benchik asks everyone to pass to the grave of Savka Butis. Those present in horror follow him. He forced the Office to sing a complete requiem on the body of Savka. After its termination all rushed in horror to run. On this day, the lisping Moysike, who was watching everything from the cemetery wall, first pronounced the word “King.”

There is a very interesting story about the marriage of Beni Creek. His daughter, Basia, came to the Moldovan raider and the bandmaker Froim Grach. Basia was a big and beautiful girl. The father did not see his daughter for more than twenty years. The fact is that the wife of Froim died during childbirth, and his father gave his daughter to raise a mother-in-law. The appearance of the daughter was very embarrassing and puzzling man. As soon as she entered the house, she immediately began to restore her order. Bashi was not ignored by any young man. She especially liked the sons of the smuggler Monie the Gunner and the grocer of Solomon Kaplun. This was noticed by the old Jew, the dandy, who at one time was engaged in matchmaking. He shared his observations with Frim Hrach. He began to wave away from Golubchik, did not agree with him. In the end it turned out that he was wrong.

Since the day when the beautiful Basya saw Kaplun, she began to spend all evenings sitting outside the gate. There she sewed a dowry. Next to her were pregnant women who were waiting for their husbands. At the same time, it became known that the daughter of a cab driver could not even count on a worthy couple. The daughter ceases to call father his father. Now Basya calls Froim “the red-haired thief.”

This went on for a very long time. Basia managed to sew six pairs of trousers and six shirts. That evening, she cried very much and told her father that absolutely every girl has her purpose and interest in life, only she lives as a night watchman in someone else’s warehouse. She threatened that if she continued this way, she would commit suicide. Old Grach dressed elegantly and went to the grocer Kaplun. He knew that his son Solomonchik did not mind marriage with Basya. He also knew that his mother would be absolutely against, since the last few generations all in the family were grocers, they did not want to break the tradition. The upset rook, returning to the lady, did not say anything to Basya. He immediately went to bed.

Waking up Froim immediately went to Ljubka Cossack for help and advice. He said that the grocers were very much burned. That he remained absolutely alone, without someone’s help. He is very hard. Lyubka Kazak advised him to turn to Beni Krik, because he is a young, promising, attractive guy. Lyubka found Benya and told him everything she had heard from Grach. Benya thought for a while and agreed on the dowry agreed. They agreed that Benya would take two thousand from the burnt Kaptun. So decided the fate of Kaptun and the young Basie.

Lyubka Kazak
Lyubka Kazak is the nickname of Lyubka Shneveys. Her house is on Moldovanka. In her house there is a dove, an oat shop, an inn, a wine cellar. In addition to Lyubka, her houseguard and Evzel, the owner of the pigeon house, as well as Pesya Mindl, the cook and the pimp, and the manager Tsudechkis live in the house. There are a lot of stories connected with the latter.

For example, one of the stories reads as follows. This story is about how Tsudechkis became the manager in her house. Once Tsudechkis made a thresher for one landowner. They went to wash her with Lyubka. In the morning it became clear that the landowner had fled and had not paid. First the watchman Evzel demanded money from poor Tsudechkis, but he did not have any. The watchman locked the future manager in Lyubka’s room. There he saw that the poor child was crying. The child can not get out of the way of breastfeeding. When Lyubka arrived, he started shouting at her that she was not looking after the child, she only interested in trading with smugglers and doing other things. When the child reached for his chest, Tsudechkis slipped the comb, about which the child had pricked. So he weaned the baby from breastfeeding. A week later he was appointed manager.

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Summary “Odessa stories”