Ukraine is independent. Adoption of the Constitution

1. When did Ukraine become independent?

August 24, 1991 The Act of proclaiming the independence of Ukraine was adopted. Therefore, this day is considered a public holiday. And on December 1, 1991, this document received popular support: during the Referendum Over 90 percent of the population who participated in the poll voted for it. On the same day, our people elected the head of state – the President of Ukraine. They became Leonid Kravchuk. The next presidents of Ukraine were: Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko. In January 2010, Viktor Yanukovych became the president of Ukraine.

2. What determines the life of modern Ukraine?

Having become an independent state, Ukraine undertook to overcome many of the difficulties inherited from previous times. In a short time, a new system of state administration, own Armed Forces, security and law enforcement agencies was created. Working tirelessly, our people achieved extraordinary successes in their economic life. Metallurgy

and machine building play an important role in the industry of Ukraine. As before, much means for our state production of agricultural products. Ukraine has all kinds of modern transport: rail, air, automobile, sea, river, pipeline, and also underground. Ukraine is a maritime state with a coastline of 2 thousand kilometers. The most important Ukrainian ports are the cities of Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Nikolaev, Kherson and others.

In September 1996, Ukraine introduced its own national currency, the hryvnia.

In 1997, the American spacecraft Columbia flew in flight, in the international crew of which was the first cosmonaut of independent Ukraine Leonid Kadenyuk.

However, there are still many problems in the economic life. At present it is necessary to equip large enterprises with new equipment, repair and rebuild roads, create new jobs, and more actively implement the achievements of science in agriculture. There is still a lot to do for the development of air transport, modern means of communication and computer equipment, etc.

Indisputable achievements of independent Ukraine in the field of

culture, science, sports. The main link of education in our state are general education schools. During the years of independence, many gymnasiums and lyceums have appeared. Ukrainian youth has the opportunity to learn the professions in vocational schools, technical schools and colleges. Higher education is obtained in higher educational institutions – universities, academies, institutes, conservatories.

The most famous professional music groups outside of Ukraine are the Ch. Grigory Rerevky, academic choir “Dumka”, ensemble of dance them. Paul of Vir.

3. What is the Constitution of Ukraine? When was it accepted?

The proclamation of independence in 1991 is only the beginning of a general labor aimed at the development of the Ukrainian state. About what Ukraine should become in the future, we are talking in the Basic Law of our state – the Constitution. The word Constitution comes from Latin, where it means ordering, establishing. The Constitution defines the state system and the relations between citizens and the state. Most of the states of the world now have their own constitutions. The Constitution of Ukraine was adopted on June 28, 1996. This day is proclaimed a state holiday.

According to the Constitution of Ukraine the highest value in the state is recognized as a person. That is why the state must protect the lives of its citizens. Everyone has the right to inviolability of housing, to the secret of correspondence, telephone conversations. You can not interfere in a person’s personal life, prevent him from traveling, expressing his opinion, visiting the church. All this is the personal rights of Ukrainian citizens. And the Constitution proclaims the right to participate in the government of the state: to elect and be elected to public office, to be a member of any party, association, organize meetings, rallies, demonstrations. However, such activities should not endanger the lives of others. Everyone has the right to work and rest, housing and health care, to a safe and healthy environment.

Under the Constitution of Ukraine, the head of state is the president. The Verkhovna Rada is the supreme legislative body. The laws are enforced by the government of Ukraine, or the Cabinet of Ministers. The Government of Ukraine is accountable to the President and accountable to the Verkhovna Rada, guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and other laws of our state. The highest judicial body is the Supreme Court of Ukraine. It ensures the same application of laws by all courts in the state.

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Ukraine is independent. Adoption of the Constitution