Painting by Aivazovsky “The Venetian Lagoon: View of the Island of San Giorgio”

The picture “The Venetian lagoon: View of the island of San Giorgio” was written by Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky in 1844. It happened after the next travel of the creator to the mysterious and amazing Venice. A few months later, the picture was shown at one of the exhibitions devoted to the work of a brilliant artist. The painting “The Venetian Lagoon: View of the Island of San Giorgio” continues to be exhibited at numerous famous exhibitions. Now it is stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery, which is located in Moscow. An innumerable number of reproductions are being created, which are readily acquired.

In the painting “The Venetian Lagoon: A View of the Island of San Giorgio”, Aivazovsky depicted the island of San Giorgio, which is in a quiet Venetian lagoon. Near the island you can see a tired boat, and on the island there is a bell tower. It is known for certain that it was built in 1791, and before it there was a belfry that collapsed

from old age. The belfry is more like a brick tower of a square shape. It is from this bell tower that a breathtaking view of the whole of Venice opens, and, consequently, on its amazing canals and lagoons.

On the canvas “Venetian lagoon: View of the island of San Giorgio” the sky seems particularly serene. It is gently blue in color, calmly on it, without hurrying anywhere, floating white clouds. There is a feeling that they are just fluttering over serene water. Somewhere in the distance can be seen the rest of the city, which is shrouded in a white-gray fog of mist. And nothing disturbs this gentle and gentle water surface.

The picture is so pure and expressive that it fully shows tenderness, which was very characteristic of the early period of Ivan Aivazovsky’s creativity.

The canvas is 22.5 centimeters wide and 34.5 centimeters long. The painting was painted on canvas with the help of oils.

Aivazovsky often traveled to Venice. He was attracted by the mysterious Venetian landscapes, the architectural style of Venice, its traditions, islands and canals. Impressions from such trips were always unusually bright and memorable. Ivan Konstantinovich considered Venice a special city in which one can create and find more and more inspiration. Therefore, about her written a lot of interesting paintings.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “The Venetian Lagoon: View of the Island of San Giorgio”