Summary “Count of Monte Cristo” by Dumas

Summary “Count of Monte Cristo” by Dumas

February 27, 1815 in Marseille from the next voyage returns three-masted ship “Pharaoh”. Captain LeClair was not destined to set foot on his native land: he died of fever in the open sea. The young sailor Edmond Dantes took over the command and executed another last will of the captain: “Pharaoh” comes to the island of Elba, where Dantes hands over the package received from Leclerc’s hands to Marshal Bertrand and meets with the disgraced Emperor himself. Dantes receives a letter to be delivered to Paris, Mr. Noirtier, one of the conspirators preparing the return to the throne of Napoleon.

The owner of the “Pharaoh” Morrel suggests Dantes to officially assume the post of captain of the ship. Obsessed with envy, the ship’s company accountant

Danglars decides to remove Dantes. Together with a retired soldier, and now a simple fisherman Fernand Mondego, who competes with Dantes for the right to marry the beautiful Mercedes, and tailor Cadrus, who has generalized Edmond’s father during the voyage, Danglars writes an anonymous letter to assistant prosecutor Marcel de Villefour. The meaning of the denunciation: Dantes is a secret agent of the Bonapartists. During the interrogation of Dantes without any concealment, everything as it was, tells Vilfer about his visit to the Elbe. There is no crime; Villefort is ready to release the prisoner, but, after reading the letter of Marshal Bertrand, he realizes: happiness and life itself depend on this game of chance. After all, the addressee, Mr. Noirtier, a dangerous conspirator, is his father! It’s not enough to burn a damn letter, you have to get rid of Dantes, who can involuntarily read the whole story – and de Villefort will lose not only his place, but the hands of his bride RenĂ© de Saint-Meran (she is the daughter of an old Cavalier, the views of Mr. Noirtier, his kinship with the groom is a mystery to them). Dantes is sentenced to life imprisonment in the castle of If, a political prison in the middle of the sea, not far from Marseille…

Pass five years. Dantes is close to despair, he decides

to die a starving death. Suddenly, one evening, before his ears, a dull screeching behind the wall is heard. He is not alone here, someone is clearly digging a laz in the direction of his dungeon. Edmond begins to dig the oncoming tunnel. Many days of work are rewarded with the joy of meeting with a comrade in misfortune. Abbot Faria – this is the name of the prisoner from the next cell – held in the castle of If for four years longer than Dantes. After digging his hole, he hoped to make his way to the outer wall of the prison, to jump into the sea and run to the water to swim. alas, he was wrong in the calculations! Edmond consoles the abbot: they are now two, so they can continue with the double energy. The abbot’s strength is running out, soon – when he is a stone’s throw away, he is seriously ill. Before his death, he dedicates Dantes to the mystery of an untold treasure,

Moving the body of the abbot to his cell, Dantes hides in a sack, into which the deceased was laid. In the morning, not noticing the substitution, it is thrown into the sea – so the residents of the castle of If since the founding of the prison are buried. Edmond is saved! He is picked up by smugglers. One of them, Jacopo, becomes a faithful friend of Dantes. In a few months, Edmond finally reaches the island of Monte Cristo. The treasures of the abbot of Faria are truly incalculable.

During the long years of the absence of Dantes in the fate of those who were guilty of his sufferings, there have also been significant changes, Fernand Mondego has risen to the rank of general (now his name is the Count de Morcer). Mercedes became his wife and bore him a son. Danglars is a rich banker. De Villefort is the royal prosecutor. Caduruss said goodbye to the tailor’s scissors and scissors and contained a rural inn. … God sends Cadrusa a strange guest. Abbot Busoni, according to him, confessed the dying Edmond Dantes, must fulfill the last will of the deceased. Dantes handed him a diamond, the money from the sale of which should be divided into five parts: equally – Mercedes, Danglar, Fernand, Cadrusu and old man Dantes. Caderousse is blinded by the brilliance of a diamond. He tells the abbe Busoni that Dantes was agreed by those whom he decided to bestow that Mercedes had not remained faithful to him. Yes, he, Caderousse was a witness of writing a denunciation – but what could he do! Danglars and Fernand would have killed him on the spot, he hinted at the unseemliness of their evil intentions! As for old Dantes, he did not have the strength to endure the blow of fate (in fact Caderous robbed him to the skin, and Edmond’s father died of hunger). He, he, Caderousse, is the only heir of poor Dantes! Abbot Busoni hands Cadrusa with a diamond and disappears next morning…

At the same time, the mayor of Marseilles is Lord Wilmore, agent of the banking house Thomson and French. He asks permission to review the investigation file of the abbot of Faria, who died in the prison of If. He also has another assignment: to pay the debts of Mr. Morrel, the owner of the ship company, which is on the verge of collapse. The last hope of Morrel was on his flagship – the three-masted “Pharaoh”, but the one – about the evil rock! – He dies in a shipwreck. Wilmore hands Morrel a bill for a six-figure sum, draws up a three-month grace period. But what can you do in three months! On the day the deferral expires, the daughter of Morrel receives a letter signed by Sinbad-Morehod with an address where she will find a purse intended for her illustrious father. In the purse – a check on the amount owed by Morrel and a diamond the size of a walnut: dowry to Mademoiselle Morrel. All that has happened is like a fairy tale: but this is not enough. In the Marseilles port enters the whole unharmed on all sails “Pharaoh”! The city is the witness of this miracle. With a smile he looks at the sailboat and Lord Wilmore rebelling from the abyss, he is also the abbot of Busoni, he is also the Count of Monte Cristo, he is Edmond Dantes: “Be happy, noble man, this happiness is yours deserved.” And now – farewell, philanthropy! revenge will give me a place so that I punish the evildoers. “With the documents from his investigation file, kept together with the abbot Faria’s case, Edmond leaves Marseille… Be happy, noble man! This happiness you deserved. And now – farewell, philanthropy! May the god of vengeance give me a place, so that I punish the evildoers. “With the documents from his investigation file, which was kept with the abbot Faria’s case, Edmond leaves Marseille… Be happy, noble man! This happiness you deserved. And now – farewell, philanthropy! May the god of vengeance give me a place, so that I punish the evildoers. “With the documents from his investigation file, which was kept together with the abbot Faria’s case, Edmond leaves Marseille…

The young Parisian aristocrat Baron Franz d’Epinay, going to the carnival in Rome, set out to visit the legendary Elbe. However, he changes his route: the ship sails past the island of Monte Cristo, where, according to rumors, a man living in a fairy-tale palace calls himself Sindbad the Seaman. The owner of the island accepts Franz with such cordiality and luxuriance, which, it seems, never dreamed of any of the most powerful inhabitants of the earth. In Rome, Franz unexpectedly meets Sinbad, who lives in the same hotel as the Count of Monte Cristo. Franz’s friend, Viscount Albert de Morcerz, was captured by bandits from a gang of horrifying Romeans ataman Luigi Vampa. The Count of Monte Cristo saves Albert: “Ataman, you violated our agreement, my friend’s friend is my friend.” Vampa in confusion, he severely chastises his thugs: ” We all owe the Count life! How could you act so recklessly! “Albert invites the count to visit Paris and be his guest of honor.

In the capital (where the earl did not appear until now), Albert introduces him to his friends, including the son of Morrell Maximillian. This acquaintance deeply excited the Count – the young Morrel was also not less excited when he learned that the Earl was using the services of the banking house Thomson and French, who had saved the life of their entire family.

The Count of Monte Cristo acquires in Paris several apartments and a house in Oteil, in the street fountain, 28, formerly owned by the Marquis de Saint-Meran. The manager of the count, Bertuccio, perceives their move to this house as an evil rock. Many years ago he witnessed how de Villefort buried in the garden of his father-in-law’s house a newborn baby – an illegitimate son from an unknown lady, Bertuccio hastened to dig a box – the baby was still alive. The daughter-in-law of Bertuccio brought up the boy to whom they gave the name of Benedetto. Scion of eminent parents embarked on the path of the unrighteous and landed behind bars. But this is only one of two terrible stories, hidden by Bertuccio from the count. In June 1829, he stayed at the Cadurassa inn – the day after the abbot of Busoni (Bertuccio does not know that the abbot, who had rescued him long ago from penal servitude, and the count – one person). The diamond of the abbot Cadrusse sold for 45 thousand francs to a reliable jeweler, and that same night he was stabbed. Now Caderousse is where Bertuccio was also visited: in hard labor. The Count is sure that this is not the last drop in the cup that Caderousse should drink; as for Benedetto – if he is alive – then he will serve as a weapon of God’s punishment…

The city is filled with rumors about the mysterious count and his wealth. In the bank of Danglars, the Count opens an “unlimited loan”. Danglars calls into question the possibilities of the Count: everything in the world has boundaries. The Count sneers: “For you – maybe, but not for me.” – “No one counted my cash!” Danglars was hurt. “In that case, I am the first to whom this is to be”, the Count promises. Monte Cristo is approaching not only with Danglars, who did not recognize him as poor Edmond, but also with the de Villefort family. The count is gaining the favor of Madame de Villefort: the servant of Count Ali saved from her and Villefort’s accident from marrying her (Villefort also has a daughter from her first marriage – Valentine, bound by the bond of love with Maximilian Morrell, but forced to marry with Franz d ‘ Epine). As if fate herself opens the doors of the houses of his sworn enemies before the Count of Monte Cristo, informs him of their other victims. The pupil of Dantes-Monte Cristo is the daughter of Pasha Yanina, the wondrous beauty of Gayde (Paris is rumored that she is the lover of the earl) learns in the Opera of a man who issued to the Turks for two thousand gold purses a fortress defending the city where her father ruled, and Gayday herself twelve the girl sold into slavery to the Turkish sultan. This man was called Fernand Mondego; Now they know him as Count de Morcer, Lieutenant-General, member of the House of Peers. Gayde was bought by Monte Cristo from the Sultan, the Earl vowed to avenge the one for whom her father perished and she was in captivity herself. He is not at all surprised that this scoundrel is Fernand: once betrayed, he risks remaining a traitor to the end.

A sumptuous dinner at the house of Monte Cristo. The first blows, prepared by the count for his offenders. Villefort pales when the earl informs all the guests that in the garden he has found the skeleton of an infant buried alive with the former owner.

Summary “Count of Monte Cristo” by Dumas