What activities develop a person

Labor is very important in human development. This applies to literally all people, regardless of whether they are striving for development, in particular for the development of their inner spiritual world, or have never thought about it in their life.

For the development of a person, the nature of the work is not important, and only the attitude towards it, understanding its significance for oneself and for other people is important. In the old parable of the builders, it is about how workers in construction are asked what they are doing. One sadly replies: “Stones wear” – and the other, – who carries the same stones, – with a spark in his eyes joyfully says: “I build a temple!” Two people dealing with the same thing come to different conclusions.

If you look at a person who is working hard, you can always see the light of spirituality in him, even if he himself does not think about it. A person simply lives and works honestly, because otherwise he can not live. Such simple workers are many among ordinary people at first glance.

The quality of labor is important. It is the quality of labor, precisely a well-done job – any, whether small or large, does not matter – is a means of human development. Probably, each of us remembers an unusually pleasant sensation of quiet joy after honestly executed work. Qualitatively performed work is a necessary condition for a person’s spiritual development.

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What activities develop a person