“Greed” essay

“Greed” essay

Under greed, I understand the uncontrollable desire to own as much as possible. Greed is a negative quality, it speaks of the egoism of a person, and sometimes of his cruelty. In addition, greed can cause unpleasant events.

For example, in the story of V. Astafyev, the hunter’s nephew is a man impatient, unkind, greedy, willing to get any prey as soon as possible. He is upset when he learns that the ducks have not arrived – “squeak, barely trails” (Proposition 11), tries to shoot at young grouses (Proposal 15), persuades his uncle to allow him to shoot one “on trial” (Proposition 20). The nephew with his desires, emotions and behavior causes a very hostile attitude of the reader.

How not to remember that because of his greed almost got into

trouble Nastya – the heroine of the fairy-tale-were MM Prishvin’s “Pantry of the Sun.” She was almost bitten by a snake, which the girl, carried away by collecting cranberries, noticed next to her literally at the last second.

Greed blinds the person, deprives the joy of life, therefore it is necessary to destroy in oneself the slightest manifestations of this property of character.

In my opinion, greed is an irrepressible appetite, a desire to get everything right away. This human vice goes hand in hand with stupidity, impatience.

In the text I read in the hunter’s nephew, it’s easy to find out a greedy person who, for the sake of boasting, can only shoot those “birds and little animals” who “sit on their own flies” (Proposal 7).

Greed so blinded and deafened the hunter-grief that he did not even notice the laughter in Vasily Vasilyevich’s voice when he pointed it at the hornet’s nest instead of hazel grouse (Proposition 38).

A greedy person is really ridiculous! An experienced hunter did not in vain teach his nephew.

Greed is greed, insatiability. A greedy person always wants to get more and more, he is not ready to stop, even when his efforts are ridiculous and ugly.

Let us turn to the confirmation of this thought to the story of V. Astafyev. A city resident behaves really ugly. He tries to get even a small hazel grouse, despite the persuasions of his uncle (Propositions 20, 22), and does not even notice that he is not aiming at a bird, but in a hornet’s nest.

This behavior causes nothing but conviction and laughter.

As we see, greed makes a person miserable, unpleasant. It’s greedy to be very ugly.

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“Greed” essay