The meaning of human life (reasoning)

The meaning of a person’s life lies in the most diverse, that can be in the world. And not always money, wealth or love. For all people – all the goals and ideas are different. Therefore, you can not compare such things. The meaning of life – what does it even mean? This is something unknown, that for everyone its own.

Personally for me, the meaning of life is that we should love, live and simply rejoice in our life, no matter what – poor or seeming unhappy. The meaning of life is for everyone, and I remember it all the time, and that’s why I never impose it on anyone. That’s why I want to always remember that everyone has their own meaning for life. And I do not want to impose my thoughts and opinions on anyone.

The meaning of life – it’s actually not as simple as it seems to find out. Sometimes it seems that, here, love – for me everything, that is – the meaning of my life. But suddenly love disappeared somewhere,

or the loved one throws and betrays. And then – time, and there is no meaning of life. But people live, live on and enjoy life, no matter what. That’s why people do not always understand in their lives, why do they live, why do they live? And, nevertheless, they easily talk about what they think about this.

I believe that to really find out what you are living for, and what is most important for you, you can only when you have something taken away, or someone is lost, that is, someone who was important, or something, so that it would be important. Only when they lose, people realize that they have lost a very important factor, a moment, in their life. Losing something, only then, at that moment, you realize that you have lost incredibly important in your life. And, as they say, the life of nm is given one. So do not play, because it’s useless, and this, perhaps, adrenaline at that moment, will not bring future joy. After all, pride and overvaluation do not warm up in old age. So do not make hasty conclusions.

Also, except for the most important, for me it is very necessary that my relatives,

people close to me, and also, my friends were always near me. And most importantly – that they were alive. And this, of course, is so. My family is a part of me, and I am a part of them. And I think I can not stand it if anything happens to them. Precisely because of the meaning of my life to some extent. They are also. And I do not want my life’s meaning – work, career growth, or money. No, I just need ordinary human happiness, where there will be joy, but it’s also possible to live without grief.

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The meaning of human life (reasoning)