Composition of the attitude of man to nature

Enter the nature of another, the master, but not cruel, not indifferent, but caring, attentive, sensitive. Try to remember: the bush, which is “useful” for pegs for a tent, grows for 5-8 years; a tree, burned at the stake, is 15-18 years old. Do not cut bushes and trees. Preparing for the hike, even at home to take care of stakes and pegs for tents and hearths. For a fire, use only dead wood and dead wood. Do not light a fire near the trees. Find the site at a distance of 7-8 meters from them, remove the turf in place of the fireplace and keep it in the shade until its departure. Do not leave the fire unattended; leaving the camp, fill the place where the fire was, with water and lay a fireplace with turf. When leaving, look around to see if the place of your rest is well cleaned. Do you know that the abandoned paper is not rotting for two years,

In the problem of environmental protection, the protection of atmospheric air is the most important and extremely difficult

task. Atmospheric air knows no state borders, time zones, climatic zones. With wind currents, pollutants are delivered to all parts of the globe, sometimes thousands of kilometers from the source of pollution. The air pool of the earth is poisoned by more than 300 million vehicles that release over 200 million tons of carbon monoxide into the air of the planet. Transport and industry not only actively poison the atmosphere, but also take oxygen from the air. For 1000 kilometers of run the car consumes the annual norm of oxygen of the adult person. Therefore, special measures are needed to improve the air basin.

In Russia, the first law related to the protection of nature, and more specifically – with the protection of animals, you can call “the Russian truth” Yaroslav the Wise – the Kiev prince who ruled in the XI century. In the “Russian Truth”, among other things, it was about the protection of beavers.

Despite careful treatment of the true hunters, the beavers became smaller and smaller. To prevent the destruction of beavers, according to Yaroslav’s law, a fine of 12 hryvnia was taken from the poacher – a colossal amount for that time (it was equal to 600 grams of silver). Two centuries after the appearance of the “Russian Truth” in the Vladimir-Volyn principality on a fairly large territory, it was forbidden to hunt not only beavers, but in general all animals. This territory, called Belovezhskaya Pushcha, became the world’s first reserve.

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Composition of the attitude of man to nature