Biography of Lala Allegrova

Lala Allegrova – director, daughter of Irina Allegrova.

Lala was born in a famous creative family. Her mother – singer Irina Allegrova, and grandfather – actor and director Alexander Allegrov. Despite this, the girl did not choose a singer’s career.

Childhood in the biography of Lala Allegrova was held with her grandparents. Six months after the birth of her daughter, Irina Allegrova divorced her husband. In 1975, Irina went to Moscow, and her daughter left to raise her grandmother. Then the beginning singer was away almost all the time – on tours, recordings, productions. The meetings with the daughter were rare, but long-awaited.

In childhood and adolescence, Lala’s passions were very diverse. The girl was difficult to decide who to become in the future. So Lala Allegrova in the biography was engaged in music. She was a back-vocalist in the band she created with her friends. Lala even went on tour with Igor Nikolayev. Also the girl was thinking about acting career. But still did not dare to enter the theater department. And besides that, in the biography of her daughter Allegrova, interest in journalism and translation was manifested.

After graduating from school, a month before the admission, Lala decided that she would go to study as a director. Just as quickly prepared and entered the Russian Academy of Theater Arts at the directing department. I studied at the institute with Alexey Garnizov, who was the director of programs of Irina Allegrova. In September 1995, Lala gave birth to a son – Alexander II, with the father of the boy Lala lives separately.

Gradually, Lala decided to stay in the family business, but not as a singer. Lala became the director of Irina Allegrova, the director of her performances. Several times Lala performed with Irina. They performed a duet song “Mom”, and on the record of the album “All over again” Lala was backing vocalist.

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Biography of Lala Allegrova