Summary “A Tale of the Real Man” of the Field

Front-line correspondent of the newspaper “Pravda” Boris Polevoy knew the war firsthand. He, who started his career as a technologist of a textile factory, helped to enter into journalism Maxim Gorky. And I was not mistaken. The inquisitive look of the writer among numerous frontline scenarios considered the “Story of a real man.” The summary of it is the self-denying return of the pilot-ace of the 580th aviation fighter regiment, Alexei Maresiev.

Wound and amputation

The protagonist of the story is called a writer in tune with the real historical prototype – Alexei Meresyev. In the winter of 1942, during the fighting in the territory of the Demyanovsky district of the Novgorod region, the pilot is shot down in the occupied territory. His legs are damaged. Thus, “The Story of a Real Man” begins one of the most convincing stories in the world literature about the human power of the spirit. Knowing the map of the area, Meresiev

crawls to crawl to “his own” (18 days took this path with his historical prototype). Along the way, Alexei saw several corpses of German soldiers, realizing that the guerrillas were side by side. The first to notice him was the boys. Together with Grandfather Mikhail they brought the pilot to the village. Then the guerrilla plane took the wounded man behind the front line to the Red Army hospital. The verdict of doctors is severe – the pilot-fighter faces imminent amputation of his legs. Severe injury was aggravated by an infection, gangrene developed. Doctors are adamant: the necrosis of tissues will progress. Such an outset begins with Boris Polevoy “A Tale of a Real Man.” The summary of this work further tells about the operation carried out and the deep inner crisis of the hero.

A new impetus to life

In one chamber with the pilot gets commissioner regiment Sergei Vorobyov. With this man, who knows how to mobilize and inspire people, he introduces the reader “The Story of a Real Man.” The summary shows its stoic character, allowing to transfer inhuman pain, from

which even drugs can not be saved. The commissar knows that he needs a pilot who has lost interest in life. He shows Alexei a clipping from an old newspaper. During the First World War, the Russian pilot Karpovich, having lost his leg, prosthetics, nevertheless returned to the flights. This example of courage compatriot inspired Meresyev. He had a goal – to continue to fight the fascists, preparing himself for the physical exertion of a fighter pilot. Soon the wounded commissar died. The death of this bright man confirmed Alexei in his decision.

Defeat Destiny

On the enormous willpower of a man who decided to do seemingly impossible things, “A Tale of a Real Man” is written. The brief content of the book acquaints us with the strong character of Meresjev: when he started walking on prostheses, he asks nurse Zina to help him learn how to dance. Two months of intense training, and he is offered to become an instructor. The dream of Alexei – to get into the service of combat pilots, finally, incarnated. How can one not remember the thought of Henri Remarque that fate is often defeated by a calm courage that opposes its vicissitudes! The outcome of the plot is the first fight of Alexei Meresiev and his partner – Alexander Petrov, in which the main hero of the story shot down two Messers, and then, having exhausted the fuel in a complex battle, miraculously “pulls” the plane to the runway of the regiment airfield.


Specialists are unanimous: the documentary “The Story of a Real Man”. The summary of it repeats the milestones of the biography of this hero. The pilot Alexei Maresyev, who really lost his legs, continued to fight. Just for the war, he shot down 11 enemy fighters. 4 – before the injury and 7 – after. He was also in the forefront of the famous battle, which ended with two downed “Messers”. The book of Boris Polevoy turned him into a people’s idol, brought respect, opened wide life prospects.

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Summary “A Tale of the Real Man” of the Field