Hero of Russia composition

A feat is everything except fame.

I would like to begin my work with the notion of the word hero. In front of me there are dictionaries. I open the “Dictionary of Ozhegov.” A hero is a man who performs feats, extraordinary in his valor, courage, selflessness. In the Dictionary of Synonyms, a hero, a hero, a knight, a winner was found. I select epithets: selfless, famous, fearless, famous. And the most interesting is that all these concepts can be attributed to one person. This man is a hero. The lines from the poem by M. Isakov come to mind:

And for you, and for me

He did everything he could.

He did it for us, for the Fatherland. First of all, of course, we remember the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. There, on the battlefield, the soldiers were ready to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of the whole country, the people. We remember and honor these exploits.

Today is the 21st century. Are there no battlefields? Chechnya, Dagestan,

other areas of military operations. To such heroes it is possible to carry the names of our fellow countrymen Nikolay Shevelev, Artem Garmash, Vladimir Semenkov. Was Artem Garmash thinking of heroism, who opened a machine-gun line on the militants? Seconds, but they were enough to take the wounded from the battlefield. Vladimir Semenkov was awarded the hero of Russia for the courage and heroism shown during the counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya. During the battle he was twice wounded and concussed. The consequences of these wounds made themselves felt. He died from a serious illness in 2007. There are many such heroes. We, today’s schoolchildren, should remember these people. The memory of them is immortalized. In the village of Yelenovsky, a memorial to the memory of Hero of Russia Nikolai Shevelev was opened. On the wall of the school №10 Maikop there was a commemorative plaque to the Hero of Russia Artem Garmash. On the alley of Glory of the city cemetery a monument to the city’s native, Hero of Russia Vladimir Semenkov, was opened. On the days of memorable dates, the heroes are entrusted with flowers
and wreaths. The worship of heroes should be expressed not only in the offering of flowers, but also in the fact that we ourselves will be heroic.

Heroes can become not only on the battlefields, but also in world life. Take at least Chernobyl. In Maikop. in the village of Khanskaya there are monuments to our compatriots who daily carried dangerous watches near the red-hot radiator, cleaning everything around: fields, houses. By the price of their own lives they stopped the Chernobyl disaster. Is not this heroism? I remember a note about Eldar Khadzhimov from the village of Ulyap. He drew his friend from the Ekizovoy beam, covered with ice, which fell through the chest in the water. This is an incredibly heroic act. It is appropriate to use the epithets of the people, the present, to this person. Not everyone will decide this. Last year on the eve of Fatherland Day in the training center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was a meeting of students of our school with Valery Ponomarenko. Valery Ponomarenko is a Russian sportsman, champion and bronze medalist of the Summer Paralympic Games 2008, 2012 in the shooting from a pistol. World and European champion. Multiple champion of Russia. Honored Master of Sports. Today Valery Ponomarenko lives and works in Maikop. He rightfully can be called a legend of the Russian Olympus.

I have great respect for people who achieve such heights. I myself go in for sports and I know how much effort, willpower is needed to make a long-awaited victory. I admire the Paralympians. But they did not do it for the sake of medals, but to prove that all life’s difficulties are surmountable. These are real heroes of the 21st century. Some people admire the whole country, some – our city, some – aul. But they all deserve the proud title of a hero.

It is impossible not to mention astronauts, scientists – polar explorers, divers who develop their science by their activities, are working for the benefit of Russia and the whole world. They do not think about deeds, conducting long-term work in depth or in space. A lot of them did not return, it would seem, from a peaceful task. These are also heroes – selfless, fearless. On heroism they argue. they dream about him, they are looking for heroes. When you hear from old people that children are not the same now, you want to shout: “We are the same, we too can perform a feat.”

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Hero of Russia composition