Summary Gorky M

Maxim Gorky (at the birth of Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov, 16 (28) March 1868, Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Empire – June 18, 1936, Gorki, Moscow region, USSR) – Russian writer, prose writer, playwright. One of the most popular authors of the turn of the XIX and XX centuries, famous for depicting a romanticized declassed character (“tramp”), author of works with a revolutionary tendency, personally close to the Social Democrats, in opposition to the tsarist regime, Gorky quickly gained worldwide fame. At first Gorky was skeptical about the Bolshevik revolution. After several years of cultural work in Petrograd (the publishing house World Literature, the petition before the Bolsheviks for the arrested) and life abroad in the 1920s (Marienbad, Sorrento), Gorky returned to the USSR,


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Summary Gorky M