Composition “Portrait of a brother”

Composition “Portrait of a brother”

I have an older brother Dima. I love him very much. He is six years older than me – he is nineteen.

Dmitry is not like the guys I know. It seems to me that now many children have become irresponsible and frivolous. They have only entertainment on their minds. Some sit on their parents’ neck, knowing that they will solve all their problems. Others just do not think about their future. Both are uninteresting to me. Annoying their mindless glance, often clouded by cigarettes, or, conversely, arrogant smile, as if they are smarter and more significant than everyone else.

My brother is completely different. He has a purpose in life. He wants to become a manager, although he says that this will not be the only specialty in his life.

Dima is always fond of something

new. First I learned how to work on my own, I mastered many programs. Now seriously studying foreign languages: English and French. In addition, he is engaged in sports, almost every day he visits a sports club. Therefore, I’m not afraid that someone will offend me, – my brother will be able to protect me.

Dima is very kind and caring. And in general, it is very interesting with him – he knows a lot, he can tell a lot about many things.

And he’s just a handsome guy. He has blue eyes and always a cheerful look. Therefore, he easily gets acquainted with people – because he immediately evokes sympathy. He is only nineteen years old, but acquaintances say that he has an adult look, a look of a person who has a purpose in life and confidence that he will achieve it. Looking at my brother, I often enviously think: “And why does the boy have such thick and long eyelashes?” I’m a girl, and my eyelashes are not so fluffy. It would have been better the other way round! But the hair we both beautiful: thick, shiny, chestnut color with golden tint. Only Dima, they are stronger and more tight to the touch.

You can still talk about his virtues for a long time, so I’ll say one thing: I have a wonderful brother, and I’m proud of that.

I am a very ordinary boy,

but I consider myself much luckier than some of my peer friends who do not have such a wonderful brother as I have.

My brother’s name is Maxim, he is five years older than me. Soon he will finish school and will go to university. Maxim dreams of becoming a programmer. As I recall, we were always best friends. When I was still very young, Maxim helped my mother to educate me. He taught me how to work with a computer, make birdhouses, play soccer and hockey. Maxim is very fond of sports. Several times a week he visits the fighting section, regularly jogs in the open air, is fond of football. A healthy lifestyle helps him to always look great: he is slim, fit.

Maxim reads a lot. Most of all, he likes adventure and fantasy. Sometimes we discuss books read together. It also happens that we argue, but these arguments do not lead to quarrels, but to the fact that together we find some truth. Maxim has a great sense of humor. Therefore, he always takes part in the school KVN. In his eyes, you can often see cheerful sparkles, and his smile is benevolent and open.

His brother has many friends, he is sociable, it is easy to find a common language with him. I have great respect and love my elder brother, for me he is an example for imitation, for friends – an excellent companion, which you can always rely on, for parents – support. When I need advice or help, I immediately go to him. Maxim always listens, understands and advises how to proceed.

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Composition “Portrait of a brother”