“What does it mean to live?”

From his earliest childhood, he was almost captured – in a monastery. There’s even stricter. There are no prisoners around or captives, who also strive to escape back to freedom. There is no one to make plans for escape, there is no one to talk about what is important to you. And no, on the other hand, the enemies. Meek monks are hard to hate! With them freedom-loving Mtsyri could not talk about freedom, because they just did not understand him. Monks themselves abandon their will, they themselves come to the monastic vows. It’s hard for them to live in peace… It’s quite another matter for young Mtsyri.

The poem shows how he always admired the wild nature. I looked with admiration at the high mountains, at free clouds, inhaling the smells of freedom. He dreamed of her and dreamed. He had the option to put up, forget about his dream, but for him it was absolutely impossible.

For the sake of this freedom, he escaped from the monastery, he betrayed

the people who saved his life and, in principle, wished him always only good. He risked his life… Although he did not know how to use this freedom. Yes, in the pursuit of her, he lost his way in the forest, was hungry, was wounded by a predator. He was excited by the image of a beautiful girl, but the beauty did not become his goal. And in the end, unfortunately, he was so exhausted that the same monks saved him again. It’s unfortunate this time. But before his death he was happy because of those short free days.

That’s why I believe that the main thing in life, more precious than life itself for Mtsyri was the will. Not love (it only began to emerge in his heart), not wealth (not at all), not security, not fame, not Homeland… Mtsyri is a very romantic hero, but not in the pink light of falling in love, but in the light of the love of freedom. A real hero! Only he was silent and not ready to bear this will. However, he longed for her so long, she so expected that she became his passion – blinded. So he did not see the danger… So with any dream you need to be very careful.

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“What does it mean to live?”