Synopsis of Sinbad the Marine

The seventh journey of Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad for the seventh time goes on a journey. He is traveling from Baghdad to Basra. His ship reached China. But, when Sandbad almost sailed to the shore, his ship was blown away by the wind, a storm began on the sea. Here the captain of the ship cried, he said that they were carried by the wind to the last of all seas. Then he took a bag from his pocket and took out “the ashes of all sorrows.” After that the captain took out another book and said that it says that the one who gets to the edge of the earth will necessarily die. Then a big fish appeared from the sea, followed by another, and then another.

They all surrounded the ship, but suddenly the wind blew the ship to the rock and smashed it. Everyone died, except Sinbad. Two days he sailed on the sea, clinging to the board. He very much blamed himself for having gone on a trip again. The current carried him to the shore, on which he made a new boat out of branches. For

two days he sailed without food. On the third day, Sindbad flowed towards the mountain, passing under which, he saw a wonderful land. But the current carried him down the mountain to the gorge. Overcoming the waterfall, he again found himself in the valley, in the middle of which was the city. The inhabitants of this city pulled Sinbad from the water by nets. He came to the palace to the sheikh and for three days came there to himself. On the fourth day, the king led Sindbad to sell boards from the boat.

The sandalwood from which it was made was very much appreciated in those places. Sindbad sold the boat to the king himself. After a while, the sheikh invited him to marry his beautiful daughter. The wedding was held. When the sheikh died, Sinbad began to rule a wonderful country. With the wife they loved each other. Then he noticed that all the men in his country, when a month in the sky is born, change their appearance: they have wings. Once he urged one of his subjects to take him with him. They climbed high into the sky, and the new sheikh heard the singing of angels. Then the fire appeared in the sky, and Sinbad

fell to the foot of a high mountain and began to cry. Then next to him appeared young men who said they were slaves of Allah, and gave Sindbad a gold cane. She transferred him to a strange world, where under his feet he saw a large snake that held a man in his mouth.

Then Sinbad still climbed to the sky, and then returned home: Wife wanted them to leave the country. They came to the homeland of Sinbad. It turned out that he had not been home for thirty years, although he thought that only three years. After so many wanderings, Sinbad the Sailor deserved happiness. They have healed happily with their wives. I really enjoyed the “Seventh Sinbad Seaman Journey”. It was very exciting and interesting.

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Synopsis of Sinbad the Marine