The summary of “Dragonfly and ant” Krylova

Every moralizing work contains morality: the basic idea that the author wanted to convey to us. Krylov’s fable “Dragonfly and Ant” also contains it. She, as is proper in such works, is at the very end. And before it unfolds whole events in front of the readers, showing in the person of an ant and dragonfly human qualities and vices.

Everything begins with the fact that IA Krylov draws before our eyes how the summer was replaced by a cold winter, the field died down, and cold and need arrived. The dragonfly did not prepare for this, she sang and froliced ​​all summer. And now she’s not up to the songs, I want to eat and keep warm, but there’s nothing and nowhere. She asked the ant, who worked all summer to prepare for the winter. He answered the dragon with sarcasm, telling her that if she was singing, then let her dance.

Krylov’s fable “Dragonfly and Ant” shows us both vices and positive qualities of people. After all,

insect heroes are chosen to ridicule human shortcomings. In the image of a dragonfly, the author shows that category of people who do not think about the future. They are lazy, and their way of life is idle. When hard times come, they try to save themselves with the help of someone else’s work. It is no accident that the author chose as one of the heroes such an insect as a dragonfly. After all, in the people of frivolous people often so called. The ant, from ancient times, represents the image of a laborer who is always busy with the improvement of his home and the search for reserves.

Moral of the Fable

Any moralizing work ends with the fact that the author brings readers to the main idea. Krylov’s fable “Dragonfly and ant” has the following morality: there always comes a time when you have to pay for your idleness. Therefore, you need to be able not only to have fun, but also to work hard.

This fable is always relevant, because it shows us how someone tries to survive at the expense of someone else’s work, without doing anything for it. In real life there are always

people, “dragonflies” and people, “ants.” Some people just want to have fun, others think about the future. This shows us the fable of Krylov “Dragonfly and ant”. Moral of a fable: everyone reaps his fruits.


Krylov’s fable “Dragonfly and Ant” with the help of his characters shows us two types of people: idle and working. However, it is worthwhile to think about the fact that these images are not just the opposite. They also depict two extremes: excessive sloppiness and excessive diligence. You need to be able to work and rest, but it’s worth remembering that the first thing is work, and then – rest and entertainment.

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The summary of “Dragonfly and ant” Krylova