Composition “How I spent the day”

I wake up usually early at about 7 am. I fill the bed, wash and do exercises. After that I have breakfast and go to school. To go was not boring along the way I go for my friends. We like to spend time together and try to be together everywhere.

At school, I’m waiting for classmates and interesting lessons. Our teacher tells and teaches us different sciences. Most of all I like physical education and math. In physical education we often play sports games and organize various competitions. And I like English. I attend the elective on this subject and participate in the Olympiads. Several times I took prizes and I have diplomas.

After classes I usually practice in sports sections or go swimming. I love sports and try to do all the tasks of the coach. After the sections, I return home. After a little rest I take up my lessons. When the lessons are done I try to help parents in their household chores. I can wash the dishes or sweep the floor. And I take care of pets, I watch that they have clean water and food. In my spare time I usually go out with friends. We have fun, play soccer or hide and seek.

And we like to go to the movies or play computer games. But usually it can be done only for the weekend, because on weekdays all day busy. In the evening I usually play chess with my dad. Sometimes we all play different board games. Such as for example lotto, dominoes or monopoly. When good weather I like to ride a bike with friends or parents.

On weekends my family and I sometimes go on nature or visit. And on ordinary days in the evenings I read interesting books. Most of all I like adventure and fantasy.

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Composition “How I spent the day”