The composition “The Rights of the Child”

Everyone, from the very childhood, has his rights. We are told about this in the kindergarten, at school and other educational institutions. This is very important, because all people need to know what they are entitled to and how they can protect themselves in a given situation.

I believe that every person should get acquainted with at least the most important and important rights, one of which is the right to life, and also to education in the family.
This is indicated in the legal code.

So, all children have the right to know who their parents are. But if we talk about the right to life, then this knowledge is at the head of all others. Even when a child is born, he immediately acquires the right to citizenship. Only here, in what territory he was born, plays a very important role. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of the code.

What else can a child have rights? This should include still such an equally important right,

which provides for freedom of thought, as well as words and religious views.
It is not permitted to interfere with a child’s right to privacy or family. This applies to the inviolability of the home, it is prohibited to illegally encroach on its reputation or honor.

In addition, it should be noted that the rights belonging to the child, recorded in special international documents. All that they indicate, concerns every child without any exception. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize the baby with what he is entitled to. In addition, the law itself, as well as some other means, provides protection and provides all necessary conditions for him to be able to develop normally and correctly both mentally and physically, both morally and spiritually. Due to what he will grow socially healthy person, full of proper dignity and sense of freedom.

Special rights have a child who is incomplete in the physical or mental, as well as the social plane. In this case, he is provided with some special regimes, the corresponding education and care that is necessary for him because of his special condition.

/> However, it is also important to understand that in order for a child to grow into a harmonious person, he simply needs love and understanding. If this is possible, then he must grow up, feeling the love and affection of his parents, who are fully responsible for him until he reaches adulthood. If there are no significant circumstances for this, the young children should not be separated from their mothers. But those children who do not have their own family, then for them should be responsible public authorities. The same applies to those families who do not have sufficient means for subsistence.

The child has every right to receive education. In turn, this education should help ensure that children receive a common cultural development. Since it is because of this that after the child can be brought up without dependence in the family or not, have equal opportunities, and then develop his abilities and abilities. From childhood, he must be inculcated with the fact that he is socially responsible and useful person for the surrounding society.
Thus, only if the child is familiar with his rights from the very childhood, he will succeed after realizing himself and all the planned plans and goals, regardless of whether he experienced difficulties in his childhood or not. Moreover, it is children who should receive first aid and feel protection from the state. It is the unquestionable rights of the child that must protect him from negligent and cruel treatment, as well as exploitation.

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The composition “The Rights of the Child”