Composition “Culture of behavior”

Parents give enough time for my upbringing. They explain to me how you can and how you can not behave in public places. They do not want to be ashamed of me. I try not to disappoint them. And the fact that I’m a boy does not mean that I can be a boor and a pig. I think that the culture of behavior is a set of rules and guidelines that helps to look worthy in the eyes of family, friends, teachers.

Rules of conduct may differ slightly from one another depending on the situation. The culture of behavior in the lesson is not to talk, not to make noise, listen carefully to the teacher, raise your hand if you want to answer or get out. On the change of the cultural conduct itself means not to run, not to fight, not to shout loudly. Even to the manifestation of culture, I would take it to greet neighbors, give way to older people in transport and hold the door, letting women in ahead. About what it means to be a gentleman, my father tells me. I think that gentlemen have a culture

of behavior and good upbringing. When I grow up, I will be like that, even though I’m already trying to act culturally.

I have a neighbor in the entrance. I believe that he has never heard of a culture of behavior. He constantly screams loudly at his wife, litter at the entrance and loudly turns on the music late at night. If the elders make comments to him, he either misses them by ears, or rude in response. He has been living in our house for three years already. For this time I have never seen his parents. Probably, they are ashamed of their ill-bred son. They do not want to communicate with him.

Among young people and older people, it was not fashionable to be well-bred and polite. From my grandmother, I often hear the phrase: “Insolence is the second happiness!”, Which she often says, returning from the market or after a trip in transport. I am very happy that my parents instill in me a culture of behavior. I hope that with age I will not change my opinion and will not turn into a boor and rude.

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Composition “Culture of behavior”