Summary of “Gerasim and Mumu” by Turgenev

In one of the Moscow houses, surrounded by many servants, lived an old lady. Among all her servants, the janitor Gerasim was particularly distinguished. He was a tall, handsome man – a real hero. Only now he could not speak – he was so ugly.

The lady was very strict and considered that only she knew how her servants should live. Once she planned to marry her shoemaker Capito. Kapiton drank a lot, and the lady decided that marrying, or rather, a wife, would divert him from this predilection. And as a wife for Capito she chose a laundress Tatiana. Tatyana was a quiet, very obedient and timid young woman. She was beautiful, only her beauty was somehow invisible due to the fact that Tatiana herself tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Tatyana really liked Gerasim. He constantly gave her signs of attention – he gave gifts, swept the broom before her. And when he saw that Kapiton had been talking kindly to her for some time and kindly, then without words

he let him know what would happen to him if he offended Tatyana. Gerasim himself was going to go to the lady and ask her permission to marry Tatiana. Therefore, both Kapiton and the butler of Gavrila had a fear that Gerasim would not simply be upset by this decision of the lady-he would kill Kapiton and Tatyana. So they decided to go for a trick. Knowing that Gerasim simply hates the drunk, they told Tatyana to pass him, staggering, as if drunk. Gerasim, seeing this, experienced a real shock. He went to his janitor’s, closed there and did not go out all day. And then, going out, stopped paying attention to Tatiana. Only a year later,

Walking along the river bank, Gerasim saw a small puppy in the water. He pulled the puppy out of the water and brought it to his janitor’s. Washed, wiped, fed and laid to sleep next to him. Gerasim very well looked after the puppy, which soon became a very beautiful little dog. He called her Mumu and became attached to her as he never became attached to anyone. And the dog did not leave Gerasim for a single step. One day the lady saw Mumu and wanted to look at her closely.

They brought Mumu to her room, but the dog did not go to the lady and the milk given to her did not drink. And when the lady reached out her hand to stroke Mumu, she bared her teeth and growled. The mistress immediately ordered Gavrila to get rid of the dog. Gavrilo stole from Gerasim Mumu, took it to the market and sold it, agreeing that the dog would not be released from the leash for a while.

Gerasim searched Mumu for a long time, and when he was shown signs that Mumu was barking at the lady, he decided that he would not see her any more. But at night Mumu returned with a scrap of rope around her neck. Then Gerasim began to hide the dog. All day he kept her locked up, and at night he took me out for a walk. But one night, seeing a stranger near the fence, Mumu barked loudly. The lady woke up and ordered immediately to get rid of the dog. When they came to Gerasim, he showed signs that he would do everything himself. He took Mumu and left the yard. He brought the dog to a tavern, fed her with meat soup, then went to the river, sat down with her in a boat and began raking in the middle of the river. Tied Gerasim to the rope bricks, which he took with him, lifted Mumu over the water, looked at her for the last time and unclasped his hands. Returning to his cubicle, Gerasim collected his things and left Moscow for his village. The lady first became angry, and then calmed down. And Gerasim never in his life showed interest in either women or dogs.

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Summary of “Gerasim and Mumu” by Turgenev