Composition “Christmas”

The magic Christmas holiday my family celebrates every year. The tradition to assemble the whole family at a large table existed as much as I can remember. Grandfather always sits in a place of honor and tells stories from his life. Many of his stories we know by heart, but each time we listen carefully. He likes our attention. The smart Christmas tree blinks with colored lights and smells of tangerines and fried duck. The whole day before the holiday is filled with vanity and the expectation of a miracle. Christmas Eve for me is full of wonders. Something always happens that you do not expect. Guests come, who always have no time. My mother suddenly gets the most beautiful and delicious cake. A long and seriously ill uncle regains his health. Or I find under the pillow a piece of meat, carefully hidden by a cat.

The evening comes. Grandmother is going to serve in the temple. Sometimes he calls me with him. She does not force, just suggests a walk. Speaks to faith a man must himself

come, through his thoughts and actions. I always see her off to the temple. I like walking slowly, holding my grandmother’s arm and talking to her. Many interesting stories about Orthodoxy I heard from my grandmother.

I return, standing a little at the door of the temple. A lot of people. I do not like the crowd. Grandmother will come in the morning calm and some kind of luminous. She will bring a blazing fire in the lamp, put it at the icons, and lie down to rest.

By dinner we will sit down at the table and begin the feast. Noisy company will laugh, sing songs until late evening.
From year to year the scenario of the holiday is approximately the same. But no one in my family wants anything to change in this tradition. We all value the minutes spent together.

And hearing the bell of the festive service, the heart fades in expectation of a miracle. After all, Christmas night is rich in magical moments.

This is Christmas in my big and friendly family.

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Composition “Christmas”