“What is the happiness of man”

Everyone at least once in his life thought about what happiness is and what it is. Probably everyone had different thoughts in their minds: someone was thinking about his family, someone about wealth, and someone about success in business. I think everyone has his own understanding of this word.

There are people who imagine themselves together with their family sitting by the fireplace. They tell each other different stories, and the whole house is filled with laughter or surprised sighs. The atmosphere of warmth and comfort fills their hearts, and, for sure, after such a heartfelt talk the whole family is waiting for the roast duck cooked by the mother. For someone this is the highest good, after all, how wonderful it is when you have people in your life who love you and are loved by you.

For others, perhaps, happiness lies in the possibility of being realized as a person. They represent how they have achieved perfection in their work, found themselves in life and enjoyed

it. After all, many of us are immersed in everyday life and time for self-development is sorely lacking.

There are also people who consider happiness material wealth. They present themselves in a large luxury house, next to which there is a garage with a chic famous brand car. They can afford anything they want: expensive brands, fine dining in restaurants, their own servants or housekeepers. Maybe it’s not quite right, but all people are different and all have different values, so I think no one has a right to judge.

For someone, the highest good is entertainment. Usually such people say: “We need to try everything, we live once”. It is they who jump with parachutes, ride motorcycles or even play casinos, risking all their property. Such people are not afraid to try everything new and interesting, and this is what gives them incredible happiness.

Maybe, there are also people who understand their health and the health of their relatives under their happiness. After all, by and large, it is the greatest value. An unhealthy person is limited in some of the earthly goods not by his

own will. For example, the blind can not see all the beauty that surrounds it; a person with painful legs is difficult to go out to take a breath of air and take a walk, watching passers-by, and someone has to lie in hospitals all the time, where only the medicines smell constantly and the same people pass by.

And, of course, for many people, happiness is peace throughout the world. After all, how terrible are the wars in which innocent people are killed by hundreds of thousands, and how beautiful is the world where everyone lives in love and harmony with each other.

All people are different, and happiness for everyone is different. This once again proves how we all differ from each other. Therefore, I believe we should always try to understand and accept others as they are.

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“What is the happiness of man”