Composing summer in the countryside

Oh, how nice it is in the countryside in the summer! Fresh air, nature, birds singing in the mornings, grandmother’s pies… “Vasya! Vasya!” A voice comes from the kitchen. “Wake up, granddaughter, the breakfast is getting cold.” And so, after breakfast, you run out into the street, go down to the brook, wash your face with cold water, and everything around is so green, flowering, I want to jump, run, scream for the joy and freedom that surrounds you!

In the afternoon the sun is very hot, and the grandmother and grandfather go to sleep. And you are not sitting still: walked through the meadow, collected a handful of berries, treated the neighbor’s boy. “Vaska, ah, Vaska! Let’s get out of the slingshot!” he shouts to you. And you, satisfied, run, that there are pisses, with this wooden slingshot, and you are proud of yourself this minute – you did it yourself!

Already in the evening you come home, you

tell your grandmother about how your next summer day passed in the village. And about the brook, and about the berries, and about the brisk neighbor’s boy. And the next day, grandfather is calling you to go fishing. You take your favorite fishing rod, which you made with it, digging worms. You throw the fishing rod and wait until some brave fish bites on the bait. And around – silence, motionless reeds. Bulka! – that’s the first catch. “What a great crucian Vaska caught,” – grandfather praises me.

How much joy for me in these summer days! And the sun rejoices with me, and nature, and I’m happy about it. And how much time do you have in this short summer! Grandma, grandfather, do not be sad, I’ll come to you next summer. “Come, Vasenka, we’ll wait.” You bring joy to us with you, granddaughter. ” And the memories of this warm summer, these unforgettable days are still in my memory for a long time.

Composition: summer in the countryside.

In the summer I rested in the village with my grandfather. The fishing village of Volobuyevka

is in the far field, so in the summer it was not very hot there and I did not feel the Moscow heat at all.

From the first day of my stay in Volobuyevka to the last, I was engaged in ordinary affairs: I ran with the guys to the beach (the village was located at the very White Sea), where we walked and played, ran to the forest for berries, helped the adults to untangle nets and fish. I also went with my girlfriend Tanya to an abandoned church on the beach.

The church, although abandoned, is very beautiful: white stone walls, narrow window-loopholes, the walls inside are painted with magnificent paintings on biblical subjects. True, the paintings were worn and crumbled, but most of the images I saw quite well.

In addition to hiking around the neighborhood, I also helped my grandmother and grandfather in the household: they fed domestic animals (their grandfather had a lot, there were chickens, pigs, and even quails), washed floors in the house, helped to repair the roof. Late in the evening we watched different programs on TV, although it surprised a small number of channels-only five. It was unusual for me, I used to click on twelve channels.

Over the summer, I was so fond of life in the countryside, that at the end of August, when my father came for me, I left my dear Volobuevka with anguish.

Composition on the theme: summer in the countryside.

This summer I rested with my cousin Seryozha in the village of Shikhove. I thought that for days on end I would disappear on the pond, pick mushrooms after the rain, and maybe even in the night one would be able to visit. My brother told me how interesting it is to graze horses at night. This is the night. Actually, it was so in the beginning: I bathed in the pond, sunbathed, but Seryozha only once managed to make me a company. He is my peer, he is twelve years old, but unlike his urban peers, he has many responsibilities. They have chickens, geese, ducks, two pigs, two goats on the farmstead – in a word, the farm is big. Parents are busy all day, and Sergei has to take part of the work in his personal subsidiary farm. It is clear now why Sergei could not entertain with me. But I soon realized that I could not rest, as I had planned, I was uncomfortable sitting idle, when my cousin is working. And I undertook to help him. Once he said: “Today we’ll go to the forest to catch hedgehogs.” Why hedgehogs are needed on the farm, Seryozha did not explain. “You’ll see everything yourself,” he said. Catching two hedgehogs, we brought them home, and went down with them to the cellar. Put the hedgehogs on the earthen floor. Before that they were rolled into a ball. Feeling free, the hedgehogs turned around, and they began to sniff the room. “The mice got into the cellar,” Seryozha explained, “here are the hedgehogs and they will catch them.” They cope better with this than any cat. ” – “But you also have a cat! Was not it easier to let her do her job?” Seryozha replied: “The cat for some reason is afraid of the cellar as a fire.” Raises such a cry when it is closed in it, that the courtyard dog Dix does not find a place, and when the mice disappear, we will again release the hedgehogs. So many people in our village do it. “

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Composing summer in the countryside