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Whatever they say, and the first impression of a person is formed by its appearance. Each of us wants to dress elegantly and exquisitely. Good taste has always been a sign of good breeding. The word fashion pushes us to the idea of ​​clothing, although it means a broader concept. Even the translation of this Latin word, meaning “means”, “manner”, is closely related to many spheres of human activity. But its connection with clothing is most noticeable.

The views on fashion are more contradictory. Let us recall at least how the fashion developed. Life in the cave did not require clothing of certain aesthetic features. There was a practical need to warm up the body, to prevent its damage. To this end, various tools were used, which subsequently became the impetus for the creation of a suit. Gradually, with the development of civilization, clothes began to be treated also as decorations. And the concept of beauty among all peoples was its own. Views on

fashion changed with changing social patterns, often even influenced by the strangeness of influential people who often used the length of clothing to hide their own physical defects (Charles VIII hid his terrible legs behind his long clothes, and Louis XIV introduced a wig to hide his bald head.

The ideology of the Soviet period in our history gave birth to a new aesthetics in general and clothing particulars. The strictness of the front-line life required simplicity and practicality during the Civil War and post-war reconstruction, convenience and accessibility – in subsequent years. The fashion was marked both by national motives, and by international moods depending on the historical period.

Fashion changes, is updated, and each of us must find the main thing in it. The art of dressing is the ability to combine garments amongst themselves, applying what is appropriate. Some women of fashion, trying to be individual, accurately copy the famous models. It is necessary to understand that there can not be a standard in fashion, otherwise a person will lose his individuality. Fashion does not consist in

submitting to a certain pattern, but in choosing one’s own style, in determining what suits you. If a person does not have his own taste, then, in my opinion, she looks ridiculous and pitiful. Famous fashion designer Zaitsev believes that fashion is a constant conflict of the new with the old. And the controversy caused by it, indicate a person’s attitude to fashion is not indifferent. I have a conviction that it’s better to be out of fashion than to go ahead of it. I think, that a man who does not have his own taste, threatens to become a victim of fashion. Our clothes should be universal, so that we can have a fifth about the correctness of our future path.

Man and woman in the modern world

Since ancient times, the problem of the relationship between a man and a woman has been solved with the help of national traditions, upbringing, religious beliefs, etc. And life itself seemed to suggest how these relations should develop: Adam plowed, Eve spun. The woman always had a house, children. A man should get food for every day.

But centuries passed, and everything became much more complicated. Currently, the woman does not limit her activities to just a family. She wants to make a career as a scientist, a leader, and often she does it no worse than a man. It turned out that a modern woman can be not only magical, educated, educated, but also able to perform traditionally male work intellectually, and in some cases she was more reserved, diplomatic and at the same time more focused. It would seem that this should only be rejoice. Still, serious questions remain. After all, the woman had and has a great role – to give birth and bring up children.

Men are not in a hurry to put a shoulder even in what they could do to help a woman – in the household, in the upbringing of children. And the modern woman, who decided to work, found herself in a very difficult situation: she works at work, works at home, and also children on her conscience and shoulders. Men deny: for all it is necessary to pay, for career and self-realization of the person too. Therefore, only the cold mind can be so dismissed. In life, this contradiction has solutions. It lies in the sphere of human relations of those who were united in the family by a sincere feeling of love and respect. Then the scanty calculations disappear, who went to the groceries many times, cleaned or took out the garbage. Us is decided in favor of the family. Is an idyll possible? Unfortunately, not so often.

It will probably take more than a decade to rebuild traditional ideas about the role of men and women in society, in the family. Yes, and there is always a need! It is enough to listen to the opinion of those women who consider the upbringing of worthy children in the family, the creation of family comfort and peace the highest goal of their lives. It’s not at all easy. And on this path the woman has to not only obey and tolerate, but also to be consistent, patient, persevering. The woman has always been the keeper of the family hearth, the soul of the family. So is it worth to give up this role? Every woman understands that without a family, without love, without children, the life of even the most successful woman is empty. Happiness is a very complex concept, but the family always belonged to its components. So, every woman and every man in society has to make his choice.

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Composing on a public theme