Summary of the “Myth of Osiris”

Among the main gods, the Egyptians especially singled out a married couple – Osiris and Isis. Osiris was revered for teaching the Egyptians various crafts, treatment, showing how to build cities and houses, to grow cereals and grapes. Isis was the goddess of fertility. It was addressed to women with the help of the birth of a child.

The ancient Egyptians believed that Osiris and Isis ruled Egypt in the old days. They were kind and caring rulers, but their brother Seth was jealous and envious. Once he invited Osiris to a party. Seth made a very good coffin (sarcophagus) and announced that he would give it to someone to whom it fit – it would not be at all, nor too large.

The coffin was secretly manufactured by the standards of Osiris, so she approached him in size. As soon as the brother has got in a funeral box, artful Seth has slammed a cover and has thrown a coffin in waters of the Nile. The current picked up Osiris, carried to the Mediterranean Sea and further

to the city of Bibl. Here the waves threw the coffin to the shore, where a huge tree grew over it. After many adventures, Isis was able to find the body of Osiris and bring him back to Egypt.

Seth, the evil god of the desert, storms and bad weather, always envied his brother Osiris and wanted to ruin him in order to take power away from the earth. Many Egyptian myths tell of the evil deeds of the treacherous Seth to his brother.

She hid the body, but Seth found it and cut it into 14 pieces that scattered throughout the land of Egypt. However, Isis and her stepson Anubis again rushed to search. Where Isis found parts of the body, she reduced the sanctuary in honor of Osiris. Later, these 14 sanctuaries became the sacred centers of Egypt. Myth reports that the goddess connected her husband’s parts and was able to bring him back to life.

Seth tried to kill Gore, the son and heir of Osiris and Isis. Gore entered into a fight with him, but was defeated. In the battle, Gore lost his eye. But the gods gave him Ujat – the eye of clairvoyance. With the help of the Ujjat, he managed to win. He

became king of Egypt, and Osiris – ruler of the kingdom of the dead.

Isis in the oldest myths appears as an evil sorceress. It creates and sends a poisonous snake to the sun-god. He begs for mercy, but Ishida withdraws the snake only after Ra reveals her real name to her. Having learned this name, the wizard gets magical power over the king of the gods – the great god of the sun Ra.

From the most ancient myths before us comes the image of Isis, supports not his son Horus, but his brother Seth. The image of Isis – a loving wife and caring mother, who protects her husband and son. The cult of Isis spread not only in Egypt, but also in many countries.

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Summary of the “Myth of Osiris”