Biography of Nikita Dzhigurdy

Nikita Borisovich Dzhigurda – actor, director, screenwriter, singer, poet.

He was born on March 27 in Kiev. After graduation from the school, Jigurda entered the Institute of Physical Culture. The first great victories in the biography of Dzhigurdy were achieved in sports. He received the title of candidate for master of sports, also was a member of the national team of Ukraine.

Despite the brilliant start of his sports career, Nikita left the institute to devote himself to another cause. Deciding to become an actor, he went to study at the Shchukinsky Theater School.

The passion for music in the biography of Nikita Dzhigurdy was first manifested in the unrestrained enthusiasm for Vysotsky’s songs. Dzhigurda has published several albums and songs dedicated to Vladimir Semenovich. In the year of the graduation of the theater school, the first film by Dzhigurdy was published – “The Wounded Stones”. Since then, he starred in 13 more films.

Once determined to cleanse himself spiritually and physically, Nikita started starving. At that time, Dzhigurda in the photo looked exhausted: he dropped 32 kg. Written in the period of starvation Dzhigurda poems were published in the book “Falling in love.”

After school he worked in the theater: the New Drama Theater, the Ruben Simonov Theater, as well as in the theater “At the Nikitsky Gate.” The most famous roles in the movie in the biography of Nikita Dzhigurdy were performed in the films “Ermak”, “Loving in Russian”. I got married three times.

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Biography of Nikita Dzhigurdy