India – “The country of a thousand miracles.” Delhi Sultanate. The Mughal Empire

At the end of the old – the beginning of a new era, India was repeatedly conquered by strangers. A huge country was inhabited by a great many peoples and tribes, so it was difficult to unite it to repel invaders. Political fragmentation contributed to the fact that the local nobility cared more for their own, rather than state interests. The religion that allowed the war to fight only the military class – the kshatriyas – prevented a large army from entering. There were also professional soldiers – Rajputs, but there were not many of them.

In the IV century. In Northern India, the powerful Gupt empire was formed for a short while, in which science, literature, and art flourished.

But because of the war with the Huns, this empire in the V century. broke up into a great many dwarf principalities. Over time, the forces of the Arab Caliphate invaded India, and at the beginning of the 13th century, – Turkic-Muslims. The Turkic slave founded on its

territory a state with its capital in Delhi – the Delhi Sultanate. The Delhi sultanate did not differ by its might. He was weakened by the struggle among the nobles and riots against the Sultan. In the middle of the XIV century. he began to fall apart into independent states, and at the end of the fourteenth century. was the victim of the devastating invasion of Timur’s troops.

Timur ravaged Delhi and returned to Central Asia. After that, the war between the nobles broke out with renewed vigor. They became independent of the Sultan. This was used by the grandson of Timur – Babur, who in 1525 defeated the Sultan’s troops and founded the Mughal empire in India. The Europeans called her ruler the Great Mogul.

Babur had the talent of a commander and diplomat, an outstanding poetic ability. There was a clot of energy, a lifeblood. He first seized power in Afghanistan, and from there he went to war with India, which he did not like. This Great Mogul, when his son fell ill, prayed to God to take his life, not his son. So it happened, the son recovered, and the father, infected from him, died.

Moguls – the common name of all Muslims who lived on the territories conquered by the Mongols.

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India – “The country of a thousand miracles.” Delhi Sultanate. The Mughal Empire