“Chelkash” Gorky in brief summary

“Darkened from the dust the blue southern sky is dull… The port is full of bustle and confusion, people seem to be insignificant in this noise, created by them enslaved and depersonalized them.” A string of stevedores, carrying thousands of poods of grain in order to earn a few pounds of bread, were ridiculous and pathetic. Noise suppressed, and dust irritated nostrils. The gong started the dinner.

The loaders sat around, spreading their simple food. Now Grishka Tchelkache appeared among them, an inveterate drunkard and a clever, brave thief. “He was barefoot, wearing old, wiped-off pants, without a hat, in a dirty cotton shirt with a torn collar that opened his dry and angular bones covered in brown skin.” Even in this crowd, he stood out with his resemblance to the steppe hawk, his rapacious leanness and this aiming gait, smooth and calm in appearance, but internally excited and dawning. “

Tchelkache was out of sorts, and spoke abruptly

and sharply. Suddenly Chelkash was blocked by the path of the watchman. Tchelkache asked him about his friend Mishka, and he replied that Mishka “cast-iron bayonet” squeezed his leg, and he was taken to the hospital. The watchman drove Chelkash out of the gate, but the man was in a fine mood: “Ahead of him was smiling solid earnings, demanding a little work and a lot of dexterity.” He already dreamed of how he would make a fuss tomorrow morning when money appeared in his pocket. But Tchelkache understood that he could not cope without a partner, and Mishka broke his leg. Tchelkache looked around and saw a village guy with a pipe at his feet. “The guy was stocky, broad-shouldered, fair-haired, with a sunburnt and weather-beaten face and with big blue eyes that looked at Tchelkash trustfully and good-naturedly.”

The guy started talking with Chelkash, and immediately he liked. The guy asked what Chelkash was doing. He replied that he was a fisherman. The guy started talking about freedom, and Tchelkache was surprised why the guy’s freedom? The peasant said that his father

had died, the farm was exhausted. Of course, he can go to “prima” in a rich house, but this is the years of work for his father-in-law. If he had a hundred and fifty rubles, he would have risen to his feet and lived on his own. And now there is nothing to do, as soon as to go to the son-in-law. He went to mow on the Kuban, but did not earn anything, they paid a pittance.

Suddenly Chelkash invited the guy to work with him at night. On the peasant’s question, what should be done, Chelkash answered: row. Tchelkache, who before that despised the guy, suddenly hated him “for having such clean blue eyes, a healthy tanned face, short strong hands, for being invited to his son-in-law by a well-to-do man – for his entire life, past and future, and most of all for the fact that he, this child compared to him, Chelkash, dares to love freedom, which does not know the price and which he does not need. ” The guy agreed, because he really came to look for work. They met. The guy was called Gavrila. They went to a tavern, located in a muddy and damp cellar.

Gavrila quickly became intoxicated. Tchelkache looked at the guy and thought that he could turn his life, break it like a playing card, or help her to establish itself in a solid peasant framework. Finally, Tchelkache realized that he felt sorry for the small and he needed him.

At night they prepared a boat for going to sea. The night is dark, the whole sky is covered with clouds, and the sea is calm. Gavrilo rowed, Tchelkache ruled the wheel. Tchelkache asked Gavril whether he liked the sea. Tom was a little afraid, and Chelkash loved the sea. At the sea, a warm feeling was rising in him, – covering his whole soul, it cleared her a little of everyday filth. Gavrila asked where the tackle was, Chelkash nodded to the stern and was angry that he had to lie to the guy. He advised Gavril to row – he was hired for this. They were heard and called, but Tchelkache threatened to break Gavril if he puked. Chase was not, and Chelkash calmed down. And Gavril prayed and asked to let him go. For fear, he cried, but the boat moved swiftly forward. Tchelkache ordered to leave the oars and move forward, leaning his hands against the wall,.

Tchelkache took the oars and the bag of Gavrila with a passport so that he did not run away, ordered a small wait in the boat, and he suddenly disappeared. Gavrilu found horror, even greater than under Chelkache. Suddenly Chelkash appeared, gave the guy something cubic and heavy, and he jumped into the boat. Gavrila joyfully met Chelkash, asked if he was tired. Chelkash was pleased with the prey. Now it was necessary to slip back unnoticed. The guy strove with all his strength, wanting to end this dangerous work rather quickly and run away from the terrible man. Chelkash warned that there is one dangerous place, it must be passed unnoticed and noiseless, if noticed – can be shot. Gavril wanted to call for help, but, stricken with horror, fell from the bench. Tchelkache angrily whispered that the customs cruiser lights the harbor with a lantern, and if it illuminates them, they perished. It is necessary to row.

Chelkash sat down on the oars, and Gavrila – to the wheel. The tramp tried to encourage the guy with a good salary. He promised Gavrila a quarter, but he only wanted to get to the shore alive.

Tchelkache asked Gavrila what a joy in the village life. Here his life is full of danger, and overnight he “grazed” five hundred thousand. Gavrilu was struck by this amount. To calm the guy, Chelkash started talking about the village. He wanted to talk to Gavril, but he got carried away, and began to tell that the peasant was his own master, if he had at least a scrap of land. Gavril even thought that before him was a peasant. Gavrila said that Tchelkache was right; Here he, Tchelkache, broke away from the earth and into what has turned! Chelkasha hurt the words of the guy. He abruptly interrupted Gavril, saying that he did not believe what he was saying. Getting angry with the guy, Chelkash planted him again on the oars, barely holding back, so as not to throw him into the water. Sitting in the stern, Tchelkache remembered his parents, his wife Anfisa, himself a guards soldier. Waking up from the memories, he said, that he will surrender the cargo and receive five hundred. They quickly approached the boat, climbed onto the deck, and fell asleep.

Tchelkache woke up first and left. He returned only after two hours, dressed in worn leather pants and a jacket. The awakened Gavril was frightened at first, without recognizing the transformed Tchelkache. The guy with admiration looked at Chelkash, calling him a master, and he, laughing at Gavrila’s nightly fears, asked if he was ready to try fate again for two hundred rubles. Gavrila easily succumbed to the temptation. They went down to the boat and sailed to the shore. Gavrila eagerly asked Tchelkache how much he received for the goods. Tchelkache took a bundle of rainbow notes from his pocket. Gavrilo, looking greedily at them, admitted that he did not believe that Chelkash would save such money.

“If only money!” – and he sighed in sorrow. And Tchelkache carelessly dreamed aloud how they together dived on the shore. He did not need such a breakdown of money, he gave several papers to Gavrila. He hastily hid them in his bosom. Chelkash unpleasantly struck Gavril’s greed. And the guy started excitedly telling what he would do if he had such “money”. They reached the shore. Tchelkache had the appearance of a man who had conceived something very pleasant.

Worried about the strange state of Gavrila, Chelkash asked the guy: “What’s bothering you?” In response, Gavril laughed, but the laughter was like a sob. Tchelkache waved his hand and walked away. Gavrila caught up with him, grabbed his legs and yanked. Tchelkache fell on the sand, wanted to hit Gavril, but stopped, listening to the bashful whisper of the guy: “Golubchik, give me this money, you’ll waste them, and I’d go to the ground! .. Do me a good deed… you… there is no way for you. “

Chelkash looked at the guy with disgust, took out money from his pocket and flung it at Gavrila. Tchelkache felt like a hero. He was surprised that a person can torture himself for money. Gavrila, collecting money, began to tell that he wanted to kill a partner. Tchelkache jumped up, knocked Gavril and took money from him. Turning his back to the guy, Tchelkache went away. But not five paces away, as Gavril threw a large stone into it. Tchelkache turned to Gavril and fell face to the sand, clutching his head. Gavrila rushed away, but soon returned. The guy hampered Chelkash, tried to pick him up. Woke up Chelkash drove Gavril away, but he did not go away, asked for forgiveness, said that his devil beggar. Then he lifted Tchelkache and led him. Chelkash was angry and grumbled that even a man can not sin.

Chelkash asked if Gavrila had taken the money, but he said that he did not take it. Tchelkache took a pack out of his pocket, put one hundred in his pocket, and gave the rest to Gavrila. Refusing, Gavrila said that he would take only if Tchelkache would forgive him. Tchelkache reassured him: “Take it, take it! Did not work for nothing! Do not be ashamed that you almost killed a man!” No one will charge me for people like me. ” Gavrila, seeing that Tchelkache was laughing, took the money.

They said goodbye and went in different directions. Gavrila looked after Tchelkache for a long time, then he sighed, crossed himself, hid the money, and walked with wide, firm steps into the opposite direction from Chelkash. Soon “on the deserted beach of the sea there was nothing left in the memory of the little drama that broke out between the two people.”

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“Chelkash” Gorky in brief summary