Summary “My companion” Gorky

In the Odessa harbor the narrator gets acquainted with the Georgian prince Shakro Ptadze. Fooled comrade, he was left without a livelihood. The narrator invites the Georgian to go with him to Crimea on foot. He promises Shakro that he will find him a fellow traveler to Tiflis, or he personally will go with him.

On the way, they get to know each other. Sharko Ptadze tells the narrator about life in the Caucasus, about customs. These stories are interesting, but they amaze the narrator with the cruelty and barbarity of the Caucasians. The stories of the Georgian portray him in an unattractive light.

Narrator and Ptadze arrive in the Crimea. The narrator works, feeds himself and the companion, the Georgian evades from work, but constantly pushes his comrade. Charcot earns only by collecting alms.

The narrator tolerates everything and forgives his companion, but once Georgians inflict severe resentment on him. One evening, sitting by the fire, the Georgian begins to

laugh at the appearance of the narrator, claiming that his face is as stupid as a ram. The offended narrator leaves his companion, but he catches up with him and apologizes to him. The narrator again forgives the Georgian.

Feodosia deceives their expectations, the travelers go to Kerch, where there is also no opportunity to earn money to get to Tiflis. Then the narrator has a plan, which he realizes with the onset of darkness.

At night, travelers steal a boat and go on a voyage. They almost perish in the sea depths, but still get to the ground. Once on land, the satellites run to the fire, which shines in front.

On the travelers attack dogs, but shepherds drive them away, lead the travelers to the fire, feed and decide what to do. Proposals are proposed to reduce them to ataman or to customs. The oldest shepherd decides to release the Georgian and the narrator, and send the boat back to Kerch in the morning.

The narrator receives bread and fat from the shepherds on the road, thanks them, which surprises the old man, and together with Ptadze goes on the road on the road to Anapa. On the way the

Georgian laughs, the narrator is interested in the cause of his fun. Shakro replies: “Do you know what I would do if we were paved to this ataman-Tamozhan? Do you know? I would say about him: he manages to drown the hotel! And he would cry, then they would begin to regret him and not put him in turmu “.

Outraged by the cynicism of his companion, the narrator tries to prove to him the incorrectness of his judgments, but does not achieve success in this business. Shakro does not understand simple human moral laws. Georgia enjoys all the blessings coming from the narrator, promising him a paradise in Tiflis.

They come to the Terek region. Clothing and footwear Shakro look deplorable, but his irrepressible appetite does not allow the narrator to save money for new clothes for the Georgian. Once in some village he pulls out five rubles from the knot of the narrator, drinks them and leads a woman. She begins to blame the narrator, demands money from him, which he allegedly took from a Georgian in Odessa, threatens to bring him to the army. With the help of three bottles of wine, a young man manages to avoid scandal.

Early in the morning the narrator and the Georgians leave the village. In the way they are caught by the rain. The narrator gives in to the mood and starts to sing, but Ptadze forbids him to continue. The Georgian says to his companion that he, Shakro, is a man, and the narrator is none. Promises to reward, if he will continue to serve him.

Not far from Vladikavkaz, travelers are hired to collect Cherry Corn. In this village, Shakro steals Lezgin’s muslin. It turns out already on the way to Tiflis. The narrator, who has heard about the vengeance of the Circassians, takes the gauze from the Georgian and throws him on the road. He again tries to explain to Ptadze that his deed is bad. He at first listens in silence, and then attacks the narrator. Between them there is a short fight. Shakro stops her. They make up, rest and go again.

Travelers get to Tiflis, but do not enter the city – Shakro persuades the narrator to wait until the evening, he is ashamed that he, the prince, is in rags. The Georgian takes a hood from his companion, not to be recognized, and asks to wait for the rival at the station of the Vera Bridge. The Georgian prince Shakro Ptadze leaves, the narrator does not meet him any more.

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Summary “My companion” Gorky