“Makar the Miracle” of Gorky in brief

Romantic night by the sea, a bonfire burns, an old gypsy Makar Chudra tells the writer a story about free gypsies. To his young interlocutor Makar says: “You chose a glorious share for yourself, falcon… go and look, seen enough, lie down and die – that’s all!”

Makar advises to be careful of love, for falling in love, a person loses his will. Confirmation of this is the story told by Chudra.

“There was a Zobar, a young gypsy, Loiko Zobar, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia knew him.” The crafty was a horse thief, many wanted to kill him. He loved only horses, he did not appreciate money, he could give to everyone who needed. In Bukovina there was a gypsy camp. Danila the soldier, who fought along with Kossuth, had Radd’s daughter – a beauty, with words not to say.

Many hearts broke Radd. One tycoon threw any money at her feet, asked to marry him, but Rudda replied that the eagle did not belong in a crow’s


Once Zobar came to the camp. He was handsome: “The mustache fell on his shoulders and blended with curls, his eyes, like clear stars, burn, and the smile is a whole sun.” It was exactly forged from one piece of iron with a horse. “

Loiko played the violin, and many cried. Rudd praised Loiko’s violin, he plays well. And he replied that his violin was made from the breast of a young girl, and the strings from her heart suite. Radda turned away, saying that people lie when they speak of Zobar’s mind.

Loiko wondered at the girl’s sharp tongue. Zobar talked to Danila, went to bed, and the next morning he went out with a rag, tied on his head, said that his horse bruised. But everyone realized that this was Radda, they thought that it was not worth Loyko Radda? “Well, no, the girl is good, but her soul is narrow and shallow, and though you put a pud of gold on her neck, anyway, better than what she is, do not be her!”

At that time the tabor lived well. And Loiko is with them. He was as wise as an old man, and played the violin so that his

heart froze. If Lojko wanted, then people would give his life for him, so they loved him, only Radda did not like. And he fell in love with her tightly. The people around saw only, they knew, “if two stones roll on each other, they can not become between them – they will mutilate.”

Once Zobar sang a song, everyone liked it, only Radda laughed. Danilo wanted to teach her a whip. But Loiko did not allow, asked to give her to his wife. Danilo agreed: “Yes, if you can!” Lojko went to Rudd and said that she had stolen his heart, that he took her as his wife, but she should not contradict his will. “I am a free man and I will live as I want.” Everyone thought that Rudd had reconciled. She wrapped Whip’s legs around her legs, yanked, and Zobar fell down like a wreck. And she walked away and lay down on the grass, smiling.

He flew to the steppe Zobar, and Makar followed him, as if the guy over himself that did not make it hot. But Loiko only sat motionless for three hours, and then Radda came to him. Loiko wanted to hit her with a knife, but she put a gun to his forehead and said that she came to be, loves him. And Rudd said that she loves the will more than Zobar. She promised Loyko hot caresses, if he agrees before the whole camp to bow to her feet and kiss her right hand, like the eldest. Zobar shouted to the whole steppe, but agreed to the conditions of Radda.

Returned to the camp Loyko and told the old people that he looked into his heart and did not see the former free life there. “One Radda lives there.” And he decided to fulfill her will, to bow at her feet, to kiss her right hand. He also said that he would check to see if Radda had such a strong heart as she boasted.

All did not have time to guess, and he thrust a knife into her heart to the very hilt. Rudda pulled out a knife, plugged the wound with her hair and said that she was waiting for such a death. Danilo picked up the knife, thrown away by Radda, looked at it and stuck it in Loyko’s back, directly against the heart. Rudd lies, clutching the wound with his hand, and at the feet of her dying Loiko.

The writer could not sleep. He looked at the sea, and it seemed that he saw the royal Radda, and behind it floats Loiko Zobar. “They were both swirling in the darkness of the night smoothly and silently, and could never handsome Loyko to be level with the proud Radda.”

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“Makar the Miracle” of Gorky in brief