Summary “The Wolf and the Fox”

Summary “The Wolf and the Fox”

The fox at the wolf was in the service, and that the wolf forced her, and the fox had to do it, because she was weaker than him; and the fox wanted to get rid of the owner of such a thing. It happened once they went together in the forest, and the wolf said:

– Red Fox, get me something to eat, or else I’ll eat you!

And the fox answered:

“I know one peasant household, there are two young lambs there; if you want, let’s keep one.

This wolf liked it, they went there; and stole a lamb’s fox, dragged him to the wolf, and she ran away. A wolf ate a lamb, but it seemed to him little, he wanted to get another, and he went to steal it. But the wolf was so awkward, “the lamb’s mother noticed the wolf and began to shout and bleat

so much that the peasants fled. They found the wolf and so he was beaten, that he, limping and howling, came to the fox.

“You, however, have let me down,” he said, “I wanted to take out another lamb, but the peasants caught me and crushed me hard.

“Why are you so insatiable?”

On the third day they went again to the field, and the wolf said again:

– Red Fox, get me something to eat, or else I’ll eat you.

And the fox answered:

“I know one peasant court, tonight the owner of the pancakes bakes there, let’s keep them.”

They went there, and the fox searched the whole house around, looked at everything and sniffed, until she found out where the pots were, then stole six pancakes and brought them to the wolf.

“On you, eat,” she said to him, and she went her own way.

Swallowed wolf pancakes in a moment and says:

“They are so delicious that I still want to,” he went on, and dumped the whole bowl on the floor, “only the shards remained.”

There was a roar, and the hostess appeared, noticed the wolf, and began to call for help. People came running, they beat him whoever they were, and he ran away, limping and loudly howling, to the fox in the woods.

“Why did you bring

me so much?” cried the wolf. “The peasants caught me and combed my back!

“Why are you so insatiable?”

On the third day they went out together on the field. The wolf, limping, barely kept pace with the fox, and says to her:

“A red-haired fox, get me something to eat, or else I’ll eat you.”

“I know a peasant, he slaughtered a cow, and salted meat lies in his cellar, in a barrel – let him be dragged off!”

“So let’s go together as soon as possible, and you’ll help me if I can not get out myself.”

“Well, let’s go, perhaps,” said the fox and showed him all the ways and loopholes.

And then they finally reached the cellar. And there was plenty of meat there, and the wolf immediately started on him and thought: “All I eat – time will suffice.” The fox also took good care of herself, but all around she looked and often ran up to the hole through which they climbed into the cellar, but tried everything, whether the hole is wide enough to climb through. And the wolf says:

“The fox is pretty, tell me, why are you all running up and running and you’re all jumping out somewhere?”

“Yes, you have to see if anyone is coming,” answered the cunning fox, “do not eat too much.”

“I’m not leaving until the whole barrel is eaten.”

Meanwhile, a peasant comes to the cellar, he heard a rustle of fox-claws. As the fox saw him, it jumped into the hole in one fell swoop; the wolf also wanted to follow her, but he so stuffed his belly that he could not get through and was stuck in the hole. The peasant took the club and killed him. And the fox ran into the forest and was glad that she got rid of such a glutton.

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Summary “The Wolf and the Fox”