Summary “The Case of Yevseyka” by Gorky

A small boy, Yevseika, was fishing on the beach. With boredom fell asleep and fell into the water. He was not scared. Dived and pulled the bottom. Looks around – good:

“Creeping, not hurrying, the scarlet starfish, the moustached lobsters walk solidly along the rocks, the crab moves sideways, sideways, as if large sea cherries scattered the sea anemones… the sea lilies are blooming, flies are flying, fast shrimps, the sea tortoise is dragged… and here on the white stones the hermit crab carries its shell. “

Over her head, like a clarinet, sang a huge fish. Surprised: the father said that the fish do not speak. I thought that he was a fine fellow: “I do not understand German at all, but I immediately understood the fish tongue.”

Sea inhabitants laughed at him: there are no scales, 2 tails, only 2 fins.

Fish tease a large cancer (quatrains). The latter promises to shave their tongues.

Big fish did not untie them.

He asks if his father loves fish. The boy lied (still eat it). Said that bony. Fish offended: her family is not bony. I asked why I sailed. “So-so, I’m walking…”. suggested that the drowned man. He did not agree. I tried to get up, I can not. I decided to cry, but I realized that I could not see the tears in the water. It is necessary to turn out.

There are many marine inhabitants. “On the foot climbing holothuria, like a poorly painted pig, and hisses… trembles before the nose of a sea bubble, sulks, puffs.” Fish can not identify it: neither fish nor shellfish. “Wait, I, maybe I’ll be an aviator.”

“A lobster climbed on his knees and, turning his eyes over the threads,” asked what time it was.

“I passed by sepia, just like a wet handkerchief, siphonophores flit everywhere, like glass balls…”

The boy makes a carefree appearance, tries to whistle, but water gets into his mouth. The boy told the big fish that he was bored. He offered to play. She was delighted. Suggested to swim up, down do not swim already (bottom). He promised that there are a lot of flies on the surface. The fish asked if he liked flies. He said, yes, although “I loved only my mother, father and ice cream.” He grabbed her by the gills. They floated, sailed, and Evseika felt that his head jumped out into the air.

“Looks – a clear day… and he himself sits on the same stone, from which he fell, and already all dry!” (he had a dream)

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Summary “The Case of Yevseyka” by Gorky