Biography of Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Alexandrovna Rudkovskaya is a music producer, entrepreneur, TV presenter.

Jan was born on January 2, 1975 in Moscow. Higher education in the biography of Yana Rudkovskaya was completely unrelated to show business. Yana graduated from the Medical University in Barnaul, where she specialized in cosmetology, hardware and medicine. After graduating from the University in 1998, she started her business and became the owner of the “French Beauty Studio” salons. Since 2001, and until now, is the owner of the brand “Franck Provost”. In 2003 he founded the “Grand La Scala Fashion Group”. Its beauty salons and boutiques are located mainly in Sochi and Moscow.

Since 2005, Yana Rudkovskaya in her biography is engaged in show business. In the beginning she became the producer of Dima Bilan. Cooperating with Rudkovskaya, Bilan won the victory at Eurovision in 2008. Then Rudkovskaya started producing Alex and Sabrina, girls who already had a solid

musical experience.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya in her biography, in addition to promoting the pop stars, also engaged in musical projects. For example, runs the show “STS lights a super star”. Also, Yana tried herself in the role of an actress – starred in the series “Club” and several clips of Bilan. She became the founder of the project “Naked Show-biz” on television.

The first husband of Rudkovskaya was businessman Viktor Baturin, two children were born to their family. But in 2008 the couple divorced. The second husband in the biography of Yana Rudkovskaya – Plushenko. Famous figure skater, Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya registered their marriage in September 2009.

As the best producer in 2008, Yana was awarded the “Sound Track” award. In the same year, she received the “Golden Heel” and “Diamond Hairpin” awards. Earlier, the magazine “Fashion” was named the most successful woman in the Russian fashion industry.

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Biography of Yana Rudkovskaya