Summary “Out of Love for Art”

Joe came to New York to study painting. There he met Dilius, a girl who came to complete a musical education. Young people fell in love and got married. They rented a small apartment, where they were happy. Joe studied painting, and she took music lessons. Until they ran out of money.

Дилия has decided to become the teacher. Every day she left home in search of students until finally she was unlucky. Dilia was offered to teach the daughter of General Pinkney Clementina, a sweet girl, dressed from head to foot in white. Joe was ready to sell newspapers, pave the streets to bring home money too, but Dilia strongly objected: you can not quit art, Jo must continue to take lessons.

The whole week, Dilya went to work, and Joe made sketches in the park. By the end of the week, Dilia had brought money for the lessons, and Joe had sold one of his paintings to a certain subject from Peoria.

A week later, Joe again brought home money for the sold picture and hurriedly

washed off something black, like oil paint. Dilya came home with a bandage wrapped around her arm. Clementine decided to treat her with croutons and accidentally splashed the melted cheese into her hand. It was so painful that the general sent a stoker to the pharmacy for ointment and bandages. When her husband asked when this happened, she answered that at about five o’clock the iron, that is, she wanted to say cheese, was removed from the stove. Then Joe, embracing his wife, asked what she had been doing for the past two weeks. Sobbing, Dilya confessed that she could not find a job, and to allow Joe to drop painting lessons, she could not. She acted as a laundry teller and came up with a story about General Pinkney and his daughter. But today one of the girls burned her hand with an iron. She had no way out, because otherwise Joe could not continue his studies and sell paintings to a subject from Peoria. But how did he guess? To which Joe replied that he had not guessed until the last minute, and the subject was not from Peoria. Just today, from the boiler room in which he has been working for two weeks as a stoker,
he was sent to a pharmacy to buy bandages and an ointment for the ironer, which burned his hand.

After all, when you love art, no sacrifices are terrible. No, when you just love… Gisselle Adan

In New York, Joe came for the study of painting. There he met a girl named Dilia, who came to complete the music training. Young people fell in love and got married. Over time, the couple took off a small apartment, where she lived in harmony. Joe studied painting, Dilia – musical art. Everything was fine until the young people ran out of money.

Dilia decided to become a teacher. She spent a long time looking for students who would pay her for lessons. At last I was fortunate enough to teach the daughter of General Clementina, who was quite a nice girl. Joe was not against delivering newspapers, paving the streets, just to earn. But only Dilia believed that Joe should not give up art. She insisted that the guy continue to take lessons. Dilia worked all week and brought money to the house at the end of the week. By this time, Joe continued to make sketches. One of them was purchased, which also supplemented the family budget.

A week later, Joe again brought money into the house. He told his wife that it was paying for another of his work and hurried into the bathroom to wash away something that looked like oil paint. Dilya returned home with a bandaged hand. The fact is that Clementine wanted to treat the girl with croutons, but accidentally poured melted cheese into Dilia’s hand. She was so hurt that the general was forced to send a person to the pharmacy for ointments and bandages. Joe began to question Delia about how it all happened. The girl casually let slip that she could not find a job, but she could not allow Joe to stop taking painting lessons. She invented a story about the general’s daughter, and she herself worked in the laundry as a tinker. She had no choice, because she wanted Joe to continue studying.

Surprised, Dilia asked how Joe had guessed everything. He replied that he did not have to guess, because in the morning the stoker from the laundry was ordered to go to the pharmacy for bandages and medicine. There were no buyers of paintings, as there was no daughter of the general.

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Summary “Out of Love for Art”