Biography of Vladislav Doronin

Biography of Vladislav Doronin

Vladislav Doronin is an entrepreneur, one of the owners, and also the chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group.

Vladislav Doronin was born in Leningrad in 1962. About the early years of life and education in the biography of Vladislav Doronin little is known. Business Doronin engaged in the 1990’s. At the beginning of his career, he did not spend much time buying and selling real estate. And in 1991, together with Eduard Berman, Pavel Te began to rule formed by the same company, “Capital Group”. From 1991 to 1998, the company was mainly engaged in office construction. For the first time the project of a suburban elite housing company was realized in 1997. In 2002, several shopping centers “Metromarket” were built. Over time, the company “Capital

Group” has significantly expanded, firmly occupying one of the leading places among the developers of Moscow. In 2007, the management of the holding in the person of Doronin and other co-owners decided to form a company “

Among the known projects of the holding are complexes and business centers: Constellation Capital, Capital Plaza, Pokrovsky Dvor, Yacht City, Airbus, Severny Gorod and many others. “Capital Group” is one of the developers of the international business center “Moscow City”. “City of capitals” – one of the most attractive complexes “Moscow City”.

Despite the great fortune and successful business, Doronin’s biography was not previously widely known to the public. And since 2008 the name of Vladislav Doronin has often flashed in the press and tabloids. In early 2008, Vladislav met with the world celebrity, a model of Naomi Campbell. Soon they began to meet. The wedding of Naomi and Vladislav was to take place in August 2009. But the billionaire had difficulties with divorce. Wife Catherine does not want to just let him go. Ekaterina Doronina met her future husband when she was 16 years old. Vladislav and Ekaterina have been painted for more than 20 years, the daughter is growing up in the family. Naomi Campbell settled in Russia

with her lover, while Catherine will live in the capital of Great Britain. Prior to Naomi Vladislav Doronin in the biography met with another model – Karen Schonbahler.

In 2009, the businessman took second place in the rating of the most stylish men of Russia according to the magazine “GQ”. According to rating agency “Building” Doronin entered the top ten most professional developers. To date, the state of Doronin is estimated at almost two billion dollars, although the data from various sources are significantly different – from one to six billion.

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Biography of Vladislav Doronin