Biography of Alexander Gordon

Biography of Alexander Gordon

Alexander Garryevich Gordon – television and radio host, director, journalist.

Gordon was born on February 20, 1964 in a creative family in the village of Belousovo, Kaluga region.

Actor education in the biography of Alexander Gordon was received at the Shchukin Theater School, which he graduated in 1987. After working at the Simonov Theater Studio, he went to the United States. There, for a living, I had to forget about acting for the first time.

However, soon managed to show a creative personality, taking up the work of the director, assistant operator and editor on television. Becoming a senior correspondent on one of the American channels in 1992, the following year he established his company.

In 1997, Gordon’s biography finally returned to his homeland. Soon he becomes a correspondent, then an author, leading the program “The Special Case.” Career on the radio station began in the same year with the transfer of “Gloomy morning.” In 2006, the program again aired.

For his biography, Gordon was the presenter of many television programs. From 1998 to 2000 led the “Meeting of delusions”, “Process”, from 2001 to 2003 – “Gordon”, since 2004 – “Stress”, since 2005 – “Gordon 2030”, since 2007 – “Closed show”. In 2008, the talented presenter went on air with the program “Gordon Quixote”, and on the radio – with “Gordon Juan”. I managed to prove myself as a director, as well as a director.

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Biography of Alexander Gordon