“Vanina Vanini” Stendhal in brief summary

“Vanina Vanini” Stendhal in brief summary

Italy of the XIX century. Aristocrat Vanin Vanini falls in love with an ardent young revolutionary who escaped from prison. Their feelings are mutual, but Pietro has to make a choice between love and duty to the Motherland…

In the spring evening of 182 … the banker, the Duke de B, gave a ball, to which the most beautiful women of Rome were invited. The Queen of Van was Vanina Vanini, a black-haired girl with a fiery gaze. The whole evening, the young prince Livio Savelli took care of her. Around midnight, at the ball, the news spread that a young Carbonarius had fled from the fortress of Saint Angela.

Prince Azdubal Vanini was rich. Both his sons entered the Jesuit order, went mad and died. The prince forgot them, and on his only daughter Vanina was angry because

she rejected the most brilliant parties.

In the morning after the ball, Vanina noticed that her father had locked the door on the ladder, which led to the rooms on the fourth floor of the palace, the windows of which looked out onto the terrace. Vanina found in the attic window in front of the terrace, and saw in one of the rooms wounded stranger. Prince Azdubal visited her every day, and then left to see Countess Vitelleschi.

Vanina managed to get the key from the door that led to the terrace. In the absence of her father, she began to visit a stranger, who was called Clementina. She was severely wounded in the shoulder and chest, every day it got worse, and Vanina decided to send for a surgeon, devoted to the family of Vanini. Clementine did not want this. Finally, she had to admit that she was not a woman, but escaped from the prison carbonate Pietro Missirilli. He fled, dressed in a woman’s dress, he was wounded, and he hid in the garden of Countess Vitelleschi, from where he was secretly sent to Vanini’s house.

Having learned about the deception, Vanina called a doctor. She herself entered Pietro’s room only in a week. Missirilli concealed his feelings behind a mask of loyal friendship, and Vanina was afraid that he did not share her love. One evening she said that she loved him, and they gave

themselves to their feelings.

Four months passed. Pietro’s wounds healed, and he decided to go to Romagna to avenge himself. In desperation, Vanina suggested that Pietro marry her, but he refused, believing that his life belongs to his homeland. Then Vanina decided to go to Romagna after her lover and there to unite with him forever. She hoped that between her and his homeland he would choose her.

In Romagna at the meeting, Vento’s temples elected her head. Two days later Vanina arrived in her castle of San Nicolo. She brought with her 2,000 sequins, to which Pietro bought a weapon. At this time, a plot was being prepared, thanks to which Pietro would have been crowned with glory. Vanina felt that Pietro was moving away from her. To deter a loved one, she betrayed a conspiracy to the cardinal legate and persuaded Pietro to leave for a few days in San Nocolo. A few days later Missirilli learned about the arrest of ten carnarians and himself surrendered to the legate.

Meanwhile, Prince Vanini promised his daughter’s hand to Prince Livio Savelli. Vanina agreed – Prince Livio was the nephew of Monsignor Catanzar, the Roman governor and the Minister of Police, using it, Vanina hoped to save Pietro. With the help of Livio, she learned that Pietro was kept in the fortress of Saint Angela. She achieved the promotion of her confessor, the abbe Kari, who was an economist in this fortress.

The court was held. The Carbonarians were sentenced to death, which was later replaced by imprisonment. Only for Missirilli the verdict remained unchanged. Upon learning of this, Vanina penetrated into the house of Catanzar at night and with the help of threats, flattery and coquetry persuaded him to leave Pietro alive. Dad himself did not want to stain his hands with blood and signed a decree.

Soon Vanina learned that the Carbonarians were being transported to the fortress of San Leone, and decided to see Missirilli at the stage in Chita-Castellana. Her devoted abbot Kari arranged a meeting in the prison chapel. On a date, Pietro returned her word to Vanina. He could only belong to his homeland. In Vanin’s frenzy, Pietro confessed that she had betrayed the conspiracy to the legate. Petro rushed to her to kill by chains, which was chained, but he was deterred by the jailer. Completely destroyed, Vanina returned to Rome.

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“Vanina Vanini” Stendhal in brief summary