Biography of Boris Grumbkov

Biography of Boris Grumbkov

Boris Valeryevich Grumbkov is a lawyer, a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University, general director of the publishing house “St. Petersburg Vedomosti”.

The path from entering the university to a serious managerial post was complex and interesting. But first things first.

Studentism, study and first difficulties

Boris Valerievich studied at the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University in 1995-1999. The period of study fell on difficult times: the legislation constantly changed, and with it law enforcement practice. Many changes were cardinal. And this required more and more efforts from teachers and students, because many young lawyers also had to engage in law-making.
Grumbkov believes that it was the study at the university that

became the basis for all his further professional achievements. “We learned in many ways not thanks to, but in spite of everything that surrounded us outside the university,” he admits in his interviews, “and I’m very grateful to my teachers.” They are great people. “

Legal activity

After university, Boris Valerievich took up legal practice. He specialized in civil and intellectual property, and soon became the chief lawyer of the Fifth Channel. In this position he worked for several years, and very successfully – he won a number of high-profile cases.

Journalistic and management activities

However Grumbkov did not confine himself to jurisprudence. He was always attracted to the media and journalism. In addition, it’s time to try yourself in leadership positions.
In 2012, he was accepted into the staff of the oldest publishing house in St. Petersburg – the St. Petersburg Gazette. The first year and a half, Boris Valeryevich worked as deputy general director, and then he replaced him in this post. Today he is the manager of the St. Petersburg Gazette.

Educational activity

Boris Valerievich often speaks at public events and forums. He regularly conducts special courses in St. Petersburg State University. The themes of his speeches

are extensive, but mostly it is advice to students and graduates of law faculties and journalism.

How to make a resume? How to behave in an interview? How to relate to work, and why even a monotonous and routine legal work should be tested on yourself? He tells all this in his speeches.

It is interesting that Grumbkov frowns on training and personal growth courses, which in recent years have become so popular among young people. “A normal person has enough potential to succeed,” he says, “and courses only drain money out of you.” As he said, the basis of any successes – work and rigid self-discipline. This and other career tricks can be read in his author’s telegram channel @bgtelegram

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Biography of Boris Grumbkov