Hans Christian Andersen. Biography

In blossoming Denmark, where I saw the light, Takes my world its origin; In Danish, there I sang songs, Sheptala tales me my darling…
Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Denmark, a small country in the north of Europe, in the family of a shoemaker. This is how the famous Russian writer Konstantin Paustovsky told about his childhood.

Andersen grew up in poverty, and the only pride of the Andersen family was the extraordinary cleanliness in their house, the box with the land where the onion was growing thickly, and a few flowerpots on the windows: tulips bloomed in them, their smell merged with the rattling bell chime, the knock of the father’s shoemaker, a dashing drumming of the drummers near the barracks, the whistling flute of a strolling musician and the hoarse songs of sailors… In all this poor diversity of people, small events, colors and sounds surrounding the quiet boy, he found an excuse for inventing Incredible stories.

His fictions, a small Christian shared with the neighboring old women – craftsmen tell folk tales and songs. Neighbors admired the ability of the boy to paint with unusual colors already known and invent never-heard stories.

When Christian grew up, he decided to become a famous actor or poet and for this purpose went to the capital of Denmark – the city of Copenhagen. A lot of misery had to be endured by the poor young man before the world spoke of him as a great storyteller.

Since then, the stories invented by the Danish writer are read by millions of children from different countries. The magic world of Andersen’s fairy tales is inhabited not only by people, birds and animals, but also by objects, phenomena that seem at first sight to be the most ordinary, completely not fabulous: a darning needle. a tin soldier, a shadow, a collar… And they all live their unusually interesting life: they are sad and happy, triumphant and indignant, fall in love, travel, overcome obstacles. The writer once remarked: “Often it seems to me that every board fence, every flower

tells me:” Look at me, and then my story will come to you. “And I want to want my stories to appear immediately.”

The stories of the Danish fairy tale reveal to the reader a unique world in which the heroes who live in folklore works of Scandinavian peoples live. This is a wonderful dwarf in a silk caftan and a red cap – Ole Lukoie. He – the owner of two magic umbrellas, under one of which – colored, elegant – I would like to sleep not only for every child, but also for an adult. There are in the world Andersen’s fairy tales and evil beings – trolls. They appear in the guise of huge one-eyed monsters with several heads, next to them the trees seem tiny bylinks. Do trolls win a person? You can learn about this by reading one of the most popular fairy tales of G. K. Andersen “The Snow Queen”.

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Hans Christian Andersen. Biography