Biography of the Japanese

Biography of the Japanese

Vyacheslav Kirillovich Ivankov is a criminal authority, a thief in law.

The criminal activity of Ivankov, nicknamed “Japonchik,” began in the late 1960s. Such a nickname was for a non-standard for Soviet people eye section. In the gang of Gennady Korkov Ivankov committed extortion from very well-to-do people. Together with him worked “Executioner”, “Bitumshchik” and a few dozen nothing fearful thugs.

In 1972 in the biography of Japonchik there were changes. The head of the group, Mongol, like most of his bandits, was arrested, and Ivankov passed this fate. Remained at large, he soon organized his own gang, which was still engaged in extortion. In 1974, he was arrested for the first time after a firefight in a restaurant. But it was not possible

to prove his communion, – the witnesses were silent. So he was accused only of forged documents. In 1978 Ivankov received his second term – for illegally carrying weapons.

Only in 1982, after watching the KGB for two years for Ivankov, he was sentenced to 14 years. His term Yaponchik traveled to Magadan, then to Tulun.. He maintained authority in prison – attacked officers, beat convicts. More than 20 times violated the regime, many times was in the detention center. In 1989 Ivankov began to fight for early release. For him interceded by deputies, human rights activists, pop stars. So in 1991 in the biography of a thief in the Law of Japonchik an important event happened. He was released ahead of schedule, so the sentence was 10 years, not 14.

Since that time preparations have begun for Japonchik to move to the United States. He makes a passport, other documents, for which he is the director of the film group. Ivankov even made a fictitious marriage. After some time spent in America, Ivankov there was called the godfather of the mafia. Yaponchik was in some ways a link between various groups, but he was still engaged in extortion, contract killings. He directed not only American groups, but also remotely Moscow.

In 1995, in the biography of Yaponchik, another arrest took place, this time by the FBI. He was accused of extortion. One of Ivankov’s associates testified against him, so Yaponchik was sentenced for almost 10 years. Although initially the judge gave him 20 years, but here played the professionalism of the best lawyers. In 2005, Ivankov was released, then was extradited to his homeland. At the end of June 2009, he was assassinated.

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Biography of the Japanese