Biography of Peter Kalmykov

Petr Davydovich Kalmykov is a professor of law.

Education in the biography of Kalmykov was received in the third gymnasium of St. Petersburg, then at the university of the northern capital. Before the defense of the doctor’s degree of law, he studied abroad with outstanding scientists. In 1835 he was employed as a professor.

The teaching activity of the professor was extremely wide. He was a teacher at the School of Law, at the Lyceum of Alexandrov, he read the history of law, for nine years he held the post of director of the first gymnasium, he also worked as a dean at the faculty of jurisprudence.

Kalmykov’s lectures on law were a novelty for Russia, so many became interested in the professor, as well as his philosophical method of teaching.

In his biography Peter Davydovich Kalmykov was engaged in collecting materials on the history of Russian law. Kalmykov was very successful in criminal law, seriously interested in the analysis of science and legislation.

Throughout his career, the Kalmyks did not succeed in publishing a lot of work. However, those that were printed are undoubtedly the property for the legal sciences, since they contain many of the author’s studies, bibliographic references, conclusions.

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Biography of Peter Kalmykov