Biography of Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail Dmitrievich Prokhorov is an entrepreneur, billionaire, the richest man in Russia in 2008.

Mikhail was born on May 5, 1965 in Moscow. Higher education in the biography of Prokhorov was received at the Moscow Financial Institute, which he graduated with honors in 1989. Immediately after graduation, he began to work as head of the department at the International Bank. In 1992, Mikhail Prokhorov in his biography took the post of chairman of the board in the bank “International Finance Company.”

When the United Export-Import Bank was founded in 1993, Prokhorov became the head of the board. And since 1998, in addition to the post of chairman of the board, he was president of the bank. In 2000, ONEXIM was added to ROSBANK, and Prokhorov became president of the organization.

In 2001, Mikhail Prokhorov’s biography was occupied by two posts – the general director and chairman of the board of the mining and metallurgical group Norilsk Nickel. Successful businessman did not leave ONEKSIM bank. On the contrary, in 2007 he founded the ONEXIM group, which included OJSC Polyus Gold, Russian Aluminum, Intergeo, APR Bank, Renaissance Capital and other groups.

In addition to entrepreneurial activities, Prokhorov in the biography is engaged in charity. So in 2004 he established the “Foundation for Cultural Initiatives”.

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Biography of Mikhail Prokhorov