Biography of Orental Simpson

Biography of Orental Simpson


O. Jay Simpson – football player, television star, was born on July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California. Best known as an NFL player, accused of murder. At birth, in the biography of O. Jay Simpson, the name Orental James Simpson was obtained. In 1995, football star O. Jay Simpson was acquitted of charges of murder. The events of that time became sensational.

Simpson, nicknamed “Juice,” won the 1968 Hisman Award as an outstanding player at the University of Southern California. Professionally doing sports, he started being in the “Buffalo Bills” team, then he played for the “San Francisco Fortinners” until his departure in 1979. Stately, charismatic Simpson later began working as a sports announcer, as well as an actor. The famous

person of the sportsman often flashed on television. In addition, Simpson worked as a delegate to the Hertz car rental company.

June 12, 1994, the former wife of athlete Nicole Brown Simpson was found brutally murdered at home. Together with her, her friend Ronald Goldman was killed. Suspicion fell on O. Jay. A few days later he was arrested after the athlete disappeared from the house by car, which he helped to get a friend of El Coulins.

The arrest was broadcast on television. Simpson and Coleans drove in a Ford Bronco jeep at a low speed, followed immediately by the police at the same speed. The pursuit of the Los Angeles highway was removed from the helicopter. The trial of the murder was also broadcast on television. The whole people of the USA followed the development of the matter. The society absorbed debate on the topic of social decay, domestic violence. October 3, 1995 Simpson was acquitted. However, in the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman no one else was charged.

The ReganBooks publishing house in 2006 announced that it will publish a book by Simpson entitled “If I did it.” The work should presumably describe how the killer would act. However, the people made a loud protest about this. In such circumstances the output of the book, like the television show, was canceled.

O. J

was charged with another crime. He, along with his friends, rushed into the room of the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas. There was a seller of sports souvenirs. Threatening the weapon, Simpson and five other attackers took many trophies. The trial in this case began in September 2008.

Additional information: Simpson and Nicole Brown were married in 1985, but Nicole filed for divorce in 1992. O. Jay played the role of Detective Nordberg in the film “The Naked Gun”, as well as the two following parts.

The biography of O. Jay Simpson is often compared with the history of Robert Blake. He was also charged with murdering Bonnie Lee’s wife Bakley, and then acquitted. After the murder of Nicole Simpson was found bloody, cringed glove lawyer Johnny Cochran used this fact in favor of the protection of the athlete. Then they were told the cult phrase: “If it does not, then it must be justified.”

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Biography of Orental Simpson