Biography of Timur Batrutdinov

Timur Takhirovich Batrutdinov – humorist, actor, TV presenter.

Timur was born on February 11, 1978 in the village of Voronovo, Moscow Region. As a son of a military man, he moved to Baltiysk, where he spent his childhood and youth in the biography of Timur Batrutdinov. Actor’s talent in Timur was manifested in his childhood, even then he played in school plays.

When in the biography of Batrutdinov it was time to choose a university, he stopped at the State University of Economics and Finance of St. Petersburg. But during his studies he was more attracted by the scene than the economy. He wrote scenarios of performances in the KVN for the national team of St. Petersburg, and he played in the team FinEka. After receiving higher education for Timur Batrutdinov, a new period began in the biography – the army. After serving, Timur did not work long in his specialty in the firm “Peugeot” in Moscow. Then he was invited to the big league of the KVN in the team “Nezolotaya youth”.

Not having time to open up to the end in KVN, Timur became one of the participants in the project “Comedy Club”. After that, the biography of Timur “Chestnut” Batrutdinov became known not only to the whole country, but also to near abroad. Acting more often in a pair with Garik Kharlamov, Timur “Chestnut” or simply “Batruha” demonstrates an attractive mixture of humor and excellent acting skills.

For his biography “Chestnut” Butrutdinov managed to experience the profession of TV presenter – he was invited to lead a short program “Hello, Kukuevo!” On Muz-TV. Timur also starred in films: from 2005 to 2007 on MTV came the series “Club”, in which Timur played the role of Grisha Luzer. And in 2009, starred in “The best movie 2”. In addition, Timur participated in the scoring of the animated cartoon “Horton”.

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Biography of Timur Batrutdinov