History of AK-47

AK-47 is a Russian rap group playing underground music in the style of Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Hip-Hop.

Group AK-47 consists of two participants – Victor Gostyukhin and Max Brylin. Both guys grew up near Yekaterinburg, in the city of Berezovsky. Therefore, in the biography of AK 47 this city is considered the place of the foundation of the group.

Music for the songs is written mostly by Vitya, and the text is both guys. Although there is no special musical education for any of them. Victor studied programming in college, and Maxim studied in theatrical.

In the group, Viktor is the oldest. The lyrics of the guys write, first of all, for themselves. And the listeners are already selecting what is close to them. The themes raised in the songs of AK-47 are quite specific. Guys describe their life, they try to express themselves. They can be understood by those who are close to this culture. In the texts often there are obscene words, verbal errors.


started to write rap when he was still at school. In the songs, even then, he showed his attitude to the world. Seriously musical activity guys are engaged in 5 years. At the beginning of the biography AK guys recorded their songs at home. Then they became popular in Yekaterinburg, and soon all over Russia. For 2006, the band’s heyday is coming. At the same time, several tracks were recorded in the studio “WornaBrazaas”. After that, AK-47 writes songs in the studio “Bustazz Records”. It so happened that even before the release of the debut album, the songs of the band were widely distributed not only on the Internet, but also sold on pirated discs.

Among the popular hits of AK-47: “Ya da Ny”, “U’Shchet”, “Kiss me…”, “Aka like this”, “AllE, Pakistan”, “Toner Circle” and many others. Guys from AK-47 have already managed to sing with some famous rap artists of Russia. But, of course, their career is only gaining momentum.

The debut album in the biography of AK-47 was released in September 2009 and is called “Berezovsky”.

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History of AK-47