Biography of Homer

Biography of Homer

Homer – the poet of ancient Greece of the period of antiquity, the creator of the famous epics “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, which are an ancient monument of world literature.

There is no reliable data on the place of his birth, as well as about the time of birth. It is believed that Homer lived approximately in the 8th century BC in one of the seven cities in Ionia: Athens, Rhodes, Argos, Salamis, Smyrna, Colophon, Chios. It is also accepted to portray Homer as a blind man, following the traditions of the period of antiquity. At that time, many famous soothsayers and poets were deprived of sight, and the Greeks saw in this some kind of relationship.

In the description of Homer’s life there is an episode associated with a poetic duel at the games

in honor of the dead Amphidem, where Homer and Hesiod read their best poems. Despite the fact that the sympathies of the public were on the side of Homer, the victory fell to his opponent, who sang in his poems peace and agriculture.

Homer is considered the forefather of European literature. It is with the poems “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, the author of which is a great poet, begins acquaintance with world literature. However, its authorship has been questioned since the 18th century. All disputes and problems concerning the origin and creation of these poems are usually called the “Homeric question”.

According to the researchers, the famous poems were created after the Trojan War, and were based on myths and legends. Epics written in the 8th century BC, tell of military operations in the territories of ancient Greece, about heroes of legends and historical figures.

“Iliad” and “Odyssey” were considered by ancient Greeks as a symbol of wisdom, justice and spirituality. People performed them on holidays, they began and completed their learning process, Greek children learned to read them. Homer became an example for many writers of the time, as well as classics of world literature, which drew inspiration from the great poet of antiquity.

It was these poems

that brought Homer world fame. He is the first ancient Greek poet who left such a literary heritage, and the knowledge of which has reached our days. In addition, about half of the papyrus of ancient Greece found today belong to his pen and are fragments of his works.

Translation of the famous poems began in the 3rd century BC. e. – Roman poet Livy Andronicus translated the “Odyssey” into Latin. In the 15th century, the first translation into Italian, and in the 18th century – into English, German and Russian.

In addition to the “Iliad” and “Odyssey”, Homer is also credited with the authorship of the so-called “homeric hymns”, the comic poem “Margate”. However, in his literary heritage they did not enter, like many other works attributed to him.

The death of Homer came on the Ios island of the Cyclades archipelago.

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Biography of Homer