Biography of Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras – tennis player, was born in the city of Washington. Best known as the tennis champion “Pistol Pete”.

Biography Pete Sampras is one of the most famous, talented tennis players. 268 weeks in the 1990’s Sampras was considered the best in this sport. Nicknamed “Pistol Pete” he received due to his speed and excellent skill. In 1988 Sampras started professional tennis. At 19, the athlete won the US championship by defeating Andre Agassi. From 1993 to 1998, he was named the first tennis player of the world every year, six consecutive times.

Throughout his career, Pete won 64 titles in singles, 14 titles of the “Grand Slam”. In addition, Sampras won at the Wimbledon competitions seven times, at the US Championship – five times, Australia – twice. However the championship of France to the sportsman and did not manage to subdue. It is safe to say that in the late 1990s, Pete was leading in men’s tennis.

In his biography Pete Sampras for a long time vied with Agassi. In 2002, André defeated Pete in the US Championship. However, his behavior and appearance made Sampras famous far beyond the court. In 2003, he left the sport.

Additional information: Sister Pete, Stella Sampras Webster, is the head coach of women’s tennis at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Biography of Pete Sampras